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Coventry is the second-largest city in the West Midlands region of England with a rough population of 371,000 that's considered to be one of the UK's largest and most important cities. Located in the heart of England, Coventry is the UK's most central city and is just an hour away from the capital. The city was recently voted the UK City of Culture 2021 thanks to its rich history and unique arts and culture. Coventry is also set to be a host city for the Commonwealth Games 2022. Coventry's main industries include cars, electronics, machinery, aerospace and telecommunications, as well as finance and creative industries.

There are many notable landmarks and attractions in Coventry such as St Michael's Cathedral which is the most visited landmark in the city. Other places of interest include Coventry Cathedral, the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum as well as the Lunt Roman Fort. From top-class museums, galleries and historical monuments to outdoor parks and sporting venues, there's plenty for visitors to explore. 

The arts scene in Coventry is thriving with several large theatres, art and music venues that attract popular sporting events and concerts such as the Ricoh Arena and St. Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium, home of Championship football club Coventry City F.C. For shopping opportunities, the city has several retail parks located outside of the city centre in addition to its own shopping mall in the heart of the city - the West Orchards Shopping Centre. From chain restaurants to small and independent eateries, Coventry has an array of foodie destinations to choose from. 

Coventry has two universities, Coventry University, and the University of Warwick which has consistently been rated in the top ten universities in the UK. Both universities are collectively attended by around 62,000 students.

Coventry is a vibrant and lively city, making it a prime location for businesses looking to advertise in the West Midlands.

Connect With Students

Near the top bars and pubs across the city that are in the vicinity of Coventry University

Reach Commuters

With classic and digital billboards across main commuter routes into the city

Target Leisure-Seekers

Using a range of digital options at popular attractions such as the Skydome Complex, the Belgrade Theatre and Coventry Cathedral

Connecting with customers in Exeter

Do you need help engaging with your customers in Coventry? You're in the right place.

At Clear Channel, we're proud to offer over 300 outdoor advertising sites across the busiest parts of Coventry. No matter the size of your business or budget, we're confident we'll have the right solution for you. We have a range of products to suit your needs, including traditional and digital billboards, bus shelters, and digital screens across key leisure and entertainment spots such as pubs, bars and supermarkets plus many more.

In Coventry, we operate classic billboards and digital billboards across some of the city's busiest locations including main commuter routes into the city, allowing you to reach commuters as they travel to work. We also have a variety of wide-reaching digital bus shelters, free-standing digital units and phoneboxes across the bustling city centre. If you're looking to connect with leisure-seekers, we have a range of digital options at popular attractions such as the Skydome Complex, the Belgrade Theatre and Coventry Cathedral.

If it's students that you're keen to reach, we have digital advertising space situated near the top bars and pubs across the city that are in the vicinity of Coventry University. We also have digital advertising space in buzzing locations such as Trinity Street and Holyhead Road, allowing you to reach students, shoppers and leisure-seekers at all times of the day. To help you engage with shoppers, we have digital screens outside Sainsbury’s and Asda supermarkets in the area, as well as other key shopping locations such as the West Orchards Shopping Centre.

Our local experts in Coventry will identify strategic locations for you to advertise key messages to your desired customers in the most effective way. Clear Channel advertising is a trustworthy and reliable service that will help you seamlessly embed your business into the local culture.

We're proud to have supported businesses such as Coventry City Council, Henley College and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. If you'd like to put your business on the map in Coventry, get in touch to see how Clear Channel can help you achieve your advertising objectives.

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