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The Inclusive Channel

Out of Home - An inclusive marketing channel

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DE&I has become an absolute priority for almost the entire media industry: brands, agencies and media owners alike. Playing lip service to this topic is simply no longer an option as consumers are waking up to social injustice and demanding action, which is impacting their brand choices. 

Advertisers are prioritising how they go about democratising the planning process to ensure they take a more inclusive approach which inevitably will filter into the choice of media that best delivers against these metrics, as well as carefully considering representation within creatives to ensure they talk to all audiences. 

Out of Home is a public facing, broadcast medium. Clear Channel recognise our responsibility to the communities we serve by encouraging brands to be more inclusive in the planning, buying, delivery and execution of our media. 

02  Why inclusivity matters

“Inclusion & Representation should matter to all of us because it’s a positive movement for equality which benefits & enriches us all. For advertisers however it’s even more critical because it is literally our job to understand, reflect and effectively communicate to an audience which is by definition diverse.”

Advertising Association

Advertising Needs You



UK adults say companies must do more than just make money; they must positively impact society as well.



of consumers say brands should consider how socially responsible they are when choosing where to place their media.



in revenue opportunities from talking to diverse communities within the UK.

03  Effective and expected

Inclusivity is building brands and influence choice

Representing diverse groups within advertising engages not only those communities featured, but also the wider population who now expect brands to be inclusive. Research shows that the public are more likely to trust socially responsible brands and ultimately are more likely to choose to buy those brands. 


04  Inclusive media planning

How to plan inclusive marketing campaigns

Diverse communities feel that brands don’t talk to them - more than 40% of UK adults say they are not represented in advertising. It’s not only about reaching audiences in the right place, but also about doing it at a relevant time. Clear Channel can utilise smart data, platforms, systems and tools to help advertisers and agencies actively plan campaigns that talk to all communities. 

Clear Channel’s national footprint means it''s possible to drive inclusive broadcast messaging, and our flexible DOOH formats can amplify key messages at key times of the year. Tapping into relevant calendar or cultural moments that are important to communities can capitalise on an increased number of likely buyers in market and drive sales.  Whilst both are important to wider marketing strategies, both are equally important to a truly representative approach. 

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Audiences at scale


Reach audiences and communities at scale using Clear Channel’s national footprint of Out of Home advertising formats

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Targeting ‘real people’


Think beyond traditional demographic segmentation and target audiences by their shared interests, passions, purchase or browsing behaviour. 

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Inclusive creative


Incorporate diversity into your mainstream creative and copy, broadening and normalising representation of all communities. 

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Target key neighbourhoods


Reach demographic groups by overlaying data sources into geo-location planning tools.

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Celebrate key events


Authentically speak to your audiences all year round and amplify activity during key calendar events.

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Use multiple creatives


Resonate with communities by using the flexibility of digital Out of Home as part of the same campaign.

05  Be more inclusive
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Ready for more inclusive Out of Home advertising?

Advertisers and agencies - if you''d like to find out more about Out of Home''s ability to reach diverse audiences, and how to create powerful campaigns that talk to all audiences, get in touch today.