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Out of Home - An inclusive marketing channel

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DE&I has been a high priority for almost the entire media industry however in the last year there have been a lot of conversations industry wide around diversity fatigue. According to Warc’s annual survey of strategists, client briefs rarely include KPI’s related to DEI, yet strategists predict that this is set to change for 2024. 

The results from the latest census have confirmed that some less well represented consumer groups (65+ age, LGBTQIA+, disabled people & ethnic communities) are growing in their size, their buying power and their influence. With brands, agencies and media owners all wanting to make a positive difference, have we made any progress towards representing these groups in advertising, and are audiences seeing any change? Check out three key findings from our recent Toluna survey 'Inclusivity - your opinion matters' below, or grab our deck and recent webinar recording for the full picture.



UK adults say they have noticed more inclusive advertising over the last year or so



UK adults still feel that they are rarely or never represented in advertising



of 18-34s want to choose brands who embrace diversity, even during times of financial pressure

Has representation in advertising changed?

Clear Channel decided to conduct a huge audit, one of the first of its kind for OOH, looking at 10,000+ OOH creatives over the last 6 years.​ Ad creatives from Nielsen AdIntel database were reviewed with 3 identifiers of age, visible disability and ethnicity. The good news is that findings show that the industry has made positive progress across some groups, and the pandemic clearly instigated a real gear change in representation. However, many people still feeling unrepresented, and some groups have featured in ads less than others, meaning that there is still work to be done. Get in touch to uncover more behind this study. 

OOH shaping an inclusive culture

At Clear Channel we recognise both our responsibility as a public facing medium and our power as a medium that reaches everybody. We also know OOH is generally viewed as a trusted medium, and WPP’s insight highlights that this also remains true across Minority Ethnic groups. 

“Out of home is a trusted broadcast medium across all Minority Ethnic groups, as it can be used and conceived as a community-orientated medium which can achieve mass personalisation for different groups of consumers through location and creative messaging.”

WPP The Consumer Equality Equation 2022

Normalising inclusive planning

Diverse communities feel that brands don’t talk to them - more than 40% of UK adults say they are not represented in advertising. It’s not only about reaching audiences in the right place, but also about doing it at a relevant time. Clear Channel can utilise smart data, platforms, systems and tools to help advertisers and agencies actively plan campaigns that talk to all communities. 

Clear Channel’s national footprint means it's possible to drive inclusive broadcast messaging, and our flexible DOOH formats can amplify key messages at key times of the year. Tapping into relevant calendar or cultural moments that are important to communities can capitalise on an increased number of likely buyers in market and drive sales.  Whilst both are important to wider marketing strategies, both are equally important to a truly representative approach.

So how do we get brands to normalise the inclusive planning process? Based on the WPP report, on why Out of Home is essential to inclusive planning, these guiding principles are a good place to start.

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What you say matters

Building diversity into the creative boosts effectiveness.

Natwest advert on large roadside billboard featuring an older lady in a hoody saying Never Stop Starting

The media you use matters

As an inclusive channel, OOH is an essential part of the media plan for brands.

Specsavers ad promoting why contact lenses could be better, showing a man and a women of colour both wearing glasses

Who you say it to matters

When audience planning, think beyond demographics to attitudes/lifestyles.

Other useful insight

Find out more about our insight and initiatives that showcase how OOH can support and reach different communities across the UK.

Ready for more inclusive Out of Home advertising?

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