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The OOH Playbook for online retail

Advertising doesn’t need to be solely online to drive online traffic and sales. Our IRL to URL series lifts the lid on the attention-grabbing real-world role of Out of Home in powering e-commerce success.

As the lines between buying online and in person continue to blur, brands are creating experiences with customers through fully connected physical and digital omnichannel strategies. From building mental availability through broad reach (Influence), to strengthening relevant brand associations (Reinforce), and connecting with in-market shoppers at the right moment with the right ad (Nudge), Out of Home delivers attention-grabbing impact, in the real world.

We’ve curated a playbook on the latest insights and inspiration on how brands can utilise the power of Out of Home to deliver on their e-commerce objectives. Check out some of the key findings below, and get in touch to discover more.  

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Brand Building is key to growth

Consumer Influence and inspiration now come from a mix of online and real-world experiences. As the digital space becomes more crowded, and competition for consumers’ attention ramps up, brand identity and brand awareness are becoming increasingly crucial. A strong business needs a strong brand to earn their place in the minds of consumers.



of consumers shop both in-store and online



agree having a physical store or presence boosts trust in online brands


agree they are influenced by brand familiarity when purchasing​

The OOH Playbook

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