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Clear Channel, One Minute Briefs and Ladbrokes play together

16 Dec 2021 / News, Campaigns
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Clear Channel joined forces with One Minute Briefs and Ladbrokes on the #WePlayTogether brief.

As part of our year-long partnership with One Minute Briefs, the final brief of the year went live on 13th December 2021. With Ladbrokes on board as a brand partner, we asked the creative community – also known as the OMBLES – to create an Out of Home poster that embodies Ladbrokes’ tagline #WePlayTogether by bringing the world of sport and entertainment together in unexpected ways.

As always, the response has been phenomenal but there could only be one winner. This year’s final winner is @1AndrewMitchell who will receive £200 cash prize.

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@gburn1979 came in the second place with a very timely creative idea.

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The third place went to @Sundown_Studio.

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A big shout out to all those who were shortlisted too: 









Congratulations to all and here’s to another year of great creativity!