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DOOH Advertising Explained: What are the Benefits

16 Nov 2021 / Insights
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Digital out-of-home advertising, also known as DOOH advertising, offers incredible opportunities for businesses in the modern marketing era. It's clear that consumers are spending considerable amounts of time on social media and that this is a crowded marketplace.Therefore, companies need an edge to get their message across using a different format to increase brand awareness.

But why is DOOH advertising better than other marketing channels, and why should you use this method? Getting a significant return on income is essential to getting ahead of the competition, so you need to invest wisely. Before deciding how you should spend your advertising budget, it's important to know all about the benefits of DOOH messaging.

Read on to find out why this marketing channel is the future of out-of-home advertising. 

Examples of DOOH Marketing

When people wonder what is DOOH advertising, they often aren't aware it is all around them. This is because this marketing technique is becoming an increasingly normal part of consumer's daily lives. Some DOOH advertising examples are billboards that you see in busy city locations such as outside shopping centres.

Other examples would be the digital signage you notice at a bus stop or in a train station. Of course, these signs are also very noticeable on roadsides where there is a large amount of traffic.

Benefits of DOOH Advertising

As with any new technology, there needs to be a unique selling point (USP). Otherwise, business owners will not modernise their processes. With DOOH advertising, there are many USP's that offer several excellent advantages.

Reach Larger Audiences

Consumers no longer rely on traditional media channels for their information. For example, online competition makes it difficult for newspapers to keep readers. People can pay for TV streaming services that allow people to view their favourite shows without watching ads.

But, when you use DOOH signage, you reach consumers when they are outside and not looking at a mobile phone or tablet. Few other mediums offer this potential to speak to customers when they are not distracted by other advertisers.

DOOH Flexibility

Investing in traditional advertising can be problematic. To grab a customer's attention you need to keep your message simple, and this means you can only put a limited amount of information in one place.

But, when you use DOOH advertising, you can display several messages on one device. For example, a retailer can display a countdown to an offer running on Black Friday to encourage sales.

However, a different product range may begin to enjoy a better uptake. The retailer can then quickly change the advertisement to display these items instead.

Similarly, a university can appeal to science-orientated students one day, and people who may want to study language-based courses the next. They can also appeal to school leavers by advertising an open day that is happening in the coming weeks. 

To make ads more effective and gain maximum interest, it is also possible to add subtle motion to the DOOH advertisement. In some cases, you may also be able to use full motion to create an even more dramatic effect.

Become a Storyteller

Static advertising can only convey a single message or a small part of a narrative. But, with DOOH marketing, you become a storyteller that can take your customers on a journey. One display could relate to a consumer problem, with the next slide coming seconds later to explain how your product can help. 

You could include a video demonstration of how to use your goods and then tell consumers how they can make a purchase. This is a powerful method of guiding consumers through the customer journey. You have control to explain precisely why they should buy from your company.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Traditional marketing methods demand a considerable amount of manual work which means costs can be high. Even with online strategies, there can be high outgoings. For example, SEO methods need constant attention to adapt to search engine algorithm changes. 

In contrast, DOOH advertising rates can be much more reasonable. You can either pay for continuous ads on digital signage or share the space with other companies. This is a great way to keep costs low when beginning your advertising campaigns. As they become more successful, you can then increase your investment.  

A recent study of evolving creative in OOH also shows how this method provides value for money. Two hundred and thirty-five volunteers were exposed to 30 creatives across 15 categories. The results were that evolving creatives had a 38% higher impact on long-term memory than static creatives by the fifth day.

Add to the Location

DOOH advertising companies should always be aware of how their ads fit into the current landscape. It's important not to be too brash or obtrusive as this can put customers off and lead to them going to a competitor. But, you also don't want to blend into the background so people don't notice your message.

DOOH marketing offers the opportunity to easily experiment with different ad types. You can then find out which receive the best feedback and focus on providing more of these advertisements for your target audience.

Increase Engagement Through Connectivity

Consumers love to interact with companies they value and trust. This is why they enjoy answering online quizzes or contributing to polls. But, there is no reason your company can not benefit from engagement through DOOH marketing. For example, you could let people use an interactive map to find your premises.

You can also request customer feedback when someone is leaving your store. By talking directly to consumers, you can gain vital information you might not otherwise access. This data can guide your ongoing dynamic advertising campaigns.

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