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Larger than life – a summer outdoor advertising design trend

18 Aug 2022 / Opinions, Insights, Events, News
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Many Pets OOH Cat Endorphin

A summer design trend that we’re noticing plays right into the hands of those looking to craft Powerful Posters for outdoor advertising – and that’s being larger than life. Below, I’ve highlighted a sample of campaigns that are using beautiful hero imagery, blown up large, alongside simple branding and bold typography to let the product (or pets) do the talking.

1. A big emotional pull. 

Using consumer insight, ManyPets is encouraging pet owners to insure their happiness with a striking set of hyper close-up, ultra-cute photographs of furry family friends. A sure-fire way to attract attention from their target audience. 

Many Pets Animal Close Up

2. Hearing what you’re seeing. 

Pepsi’s latest campaign combines bold typography, (forced me to step back into my GCSE English somewhere back there!) onomatopoeia copy and a larger-than-life pack shot providing the thirst during the recent summer heatwave. Hearing is believing. 

Pepsi Max 3D Can

3. Driving desire. 

When your product is simply delicious, sometimes all you need to do is simply show it. But show it large. Enough said. Let the power of the product and your brand do the rest. Bravo KFC and Muller. 

KFC Burna Boy - Muller Corner Yogurt

4. Prompting response with clever copy. 

Grabbing the attention of busy on-the-go commuters is no easy task, but the power of clever copy overlaid on relevant, extra-large imagery with a quick access QR code could do just the trick for Uber Eats. 

Uber Eats, Sushi, Eggs, Wrap, Chicken, Burgers, Bananas

5. Move your audience with moving creatives. 

I've also seen a few of these campaigns have enhanced their close-up creatives with a simple addition of subtle motion for extra eye-catching appeal. Delightful stuff.

A collage of three advertisements, side-by-side for Muller, UberEats, and Pepsi Max

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by Ben Hope, Marketing Director