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One Minute Briefs Welcome People Back to the #GreatOutdoors

01 Apr 2021 / News
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Adshel live screen on a busy high street showing a Cat for Clear Channel's One Minute Briefs Campaign

On Monday 22nd March, Clear Channel ran the second of the six briefs that have been set as part of its 2021 partnership with One Minute Briefs. The task was to create posters welcoming people back to the #GreatOutdoors as restrictions began to ease in the UK on the 29th March.

One Minute Briefs is a creative powerhouse based out of Manchester that mobilises a creative community of over 27,000 people, called the OMBLES, to respond to simple creative briefs set every day on Twitter. Literally one brief, one idea and one minute to bring it to life, all on Twitter.  

Last year, we announced our year-long partnership with One Minute Briefs, that will see six briefs set out throughout this year. In January we kicked off with a Blue Monday challenge on 18th January which saw over 300 incredible entries submitted. This month we asked for ideas that would be simple, impactful, and make people smile as they are reminded that things are getting better as the days get warmer and we can all get out more. 

The winner of our #GreatOutdoors Clear Channel x One Minute Briefs challenge is @ALLDigitalDerby who came up with a purr-fect campaign idea featuring all the cats that are waiting for their owners to leave. 

Storm screens on a busy road showing a Cat for Clear Channel's One Minute Briefs Campaign

Runner-ups included @garydoescopy, who came up with a playful take on Micky Flanagan's "Out Out" joke, and @PaulStuartMay1, who came up with a Steve McQueen "Great Escape" campaign idea. 

Billboard showing the words The greatest escape since Steve McQueen. Happy March 29th! #thegreatoutdoors

There was certainly a lot of great ideas to choose from, with an extra dose of enthusiasm for the brief due to the fact that most of the UK is already itching to get outside and experience a life outside of lockdown. 

Billboard showing the words You going outdoors, outdoors? I oly popped out... Welcome back to the Great Outdoors March29 for ClearChannel's One Minute Briefs Campaign

Follow @clearchanneluk and @OneMinuteBriefs on Twitter for updates on future creative challenges. There are five more briefs to go this year and anyone can get involved!