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Powerful Posters are tweeted into existence in the real world

08 Feb 2022 / Campaigns, Opinions, News
By Clear Channel UK View Author on Twitter
Twitter posts on multiple screens in New York setting

Twitter’s latest ‘Tweeted it into existence’ campaign has captured the imagination of our industry and the public alike. Clear Channel’s Marketing Director Ben Hope looks at what’s behind the power of the posters.

Words by Ben Hope, Marketing Director

With more than 50 million tweets from users discussing and projecting their future success, there must be millions, literally, of stories for Twitter to call on to promote, its unique brand power, using user-generated content and historical data. And the social platform has done exactly that, in brilliant fashion. 

In the very definition of Powerful Posters, Twitter has dipped into its vast archive to showcase the once-upon-a-time aspirations that now-famous stars have ‘Tweeted it into existence'

Tweet on large screen on side of building by Diamond DeShields

There is so much to love about the campaign: 

  • the use of celebrities to draw attention and provide endorsement; 

  • the familiarity of the branding; 

  • a simple, striking, legible design - specifically crafted to excel on the large-format placements on which the campaign features;

  • copy that features inclusive and diverse people from multiple genres, increasing the campaign's appeal to all audiences; 

  • a digitally native platform, using real-world advertising to deliver a creative aspirational, brand-building campaign; 

  • smart planning, with the billboards appearing in hometown locations of some of the featured celebrities; and 

  •  the fact that even celebrities love to see themselves on a billboard - and how do they amplify that - full circle on social.! Complementary media channels? ;)   

The 'Tweeted it into existence’ campaign featured celebrities such as Niall Horan and Megan Thee Stallion on billboards across Clear Channel US and other media owners across North America, including New York, LA, Chicago, and Toronto.

Each tweet features a one-time dream that is now a fairy tale success story of dreams becoming reality for the now-famous superstars. Beverly Jackson, vice-president, global brand and consumer marketing at Twitter commented on the campaign, saying: “Twitter has the power to manifest people’s dreams.”

Tweet on a Billboard by Issa Rae with her image beside it

I’d fully agree with Twitter on the power to manifest people’s dreams, and I fully endorse Twitter’s use of outdoor advertising to manifest brand fame for their platform. I also love that Twitter went one step further, donating almost $1million to charities close to the hearts of the featured celebrities, making a tangible real-world impact. 

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