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Stepping into Summer. New insight from our Audiences in Focus study

10 Jun 2024 / Insights
By Clear Channel UK View Author on Twitter

As we head into summer, we’ve reached out to consumers again to find out about their current moods, mindset and plans over the next four months. Still feeling the pressures of the cost of living, energy prices and the rate of inflation, consumers have told us how they continue to adapt and the impact it's having on their purchase decisions.

Summer: are we in the mood?

Positivity has stayed relatively unchanged since January. Whilst the rate of inflation has fallen, adults are still 4x more likely to have a negative than a positive outlook on the UK economy. Positive mindset remains in relation to mental and physical health. Adults are 2.5x more likely to feel positive about their mental health and 2x more likely to be feeling positive about their physical health. Feelings of stress and anxiety have remained the same versus last year. However, we have seen increases in feelings of happiness (+3%), excitement (+4%), and optimism (+5%).

Consistently since the start of our study in September 2022, cost-of-living has featured in top concerns for adults and once again this has been reflected in current approach to spending. 1 in 2 UK adults are having to switch to cheaper alternatives and 78% are looking out for more special offers and promotions than they did this time last year. 86% of adults agree that price remains the top consideration for any purchase decision. Trust remains very important too, with 78% agreeing it’s a consideration.

In-store shopping reigns supreme 

Physical stores remain important to shoppers, particularly when finances are stretched. 3 in 4 adults are still visiting a supermarket weekly for a main shop (no change since January), with 71% revisiting at least once a week for a top up shop. Price remains the top influencing factor on brand choice instore (78% agreeing). Trust in the brand is the 2nd most important factor (51% agreeing). Even those shopping for groceries online say instore still plays a role in their buying decision. 55% of online shoppers said that a physical shop provides inspiration or aids in research for online purchases.

Whilst 57% of adults are visiting large shopping centres or malls at least once a month, their local high streets remain an important role with 1 in 2 visiting at least once a week. Malls and shopping centres play other roles outside of shopping too, with 55% visiting a café or restaurant on their last visit and 33% used it as a location to meet up with friends or family.  

Commuting preference

In January we saw a significant increase in the number of adults visiting their workplace 5 days a week and this has continued into May too, 41% now doing so. Overall, the same number are visiting their workplace at least once a week (8 in 10). Driving remains the most popular way to commute to an office or workplace with 60% saying it was their main mode of transportation (89% are using any roadside** method). Even in major cities like London, 61% are either driving, walking, cycling or using the bus to get to work. London also mirrors the rest of the UK with 5 days a week onsite/ in an office being the most popular working situation, 31% visiting every weekday.

Reasons to celebrate

Sport loving Brits are in for a treat over the next 4 months as we’re treated to a wealth of sporting occasions and it’s fair to say the obsession with sport will continue. 96% are expecting to engage with at least one upcoming sporting event*, whether that’s watching on TV to celebrating with friends/family. Euros (66% engaging), Olympics (73%) and Paralympics (53%) are some of the most popular. Many are planning to purchase something for each occasion too, for the Euros alone 60% are planning to buy something specifically, whether that’s a flag to hang from the window or food and drink as they spectate with friends and family.

Whilst the summer months are jam packed with sport, Brits will still be finding time to go on holiday in record numbers. It’s clear from the study that nothing will prevent us from travelling. We’ve seen the highest percentage of UK adults planning to travel since the start of our study in September 2022. 69% will be going on a holiday over the next 4 months (52% planning to do so in UK and 48% favouring a trip abroad). Whilst those booking holidays peaked in January, 60% of adults are still planning to book a trip over the coming months.

Want to know more? 

We’re checking in with Adults, 18-34s, Mainshoppers, ABC1s and Families at regular intervals throughout the year. We’ve lots of useful insight around all of them so get in touch to find out more, in the meantime make sure you check out the Audience Hub for a snapshot. We’ll be catching up with our audiences again in September, so please stop by again then!

Source: Audiences in Focus Survey May 24. UK Adults N=995

*Sporting events included; Euros, Olympics, Paralympics, US Open Tennis, Open Championship Golf, British Grand Prix, Wimbledon, Tour de France, Cricket World Cup.

**Roadside – drive, bus, cycle, walk