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Why use Bus Stop advertising?

12 Dec 2018 / Insights
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Adshel screen on bus stop, in front of retail shop with yellow and green food image

Bus shelter advertising is an immensely popular and effective format for businesses looking to promote their products or services.

Despite these advertisements being smaller than the sprawling promotions we see around our cities and roads, they do a wonderful job of demanding attention. But why should you opt for bus shelter advertising instead of a bigger billboard? Clear Channel will explain why.


Think how many people catch buses every day. More than half of the UK’s population are bus users, and for the year ending June 2017, there had been a staggering 4.43 billion bus journeys. Think how many bus stops there are, just in your local town or city. Each one of them is a potential spot for your advertisement and each one of them will be frequented by countless people of a normal day. It’s not just a case of impacting people who are waiting for a bus, either: pedestrians walking past the stop will see the advert too. If your advert is good, then they’ll remember it. 


Despite there being significantly less space available on a bus stop than the side of a busy road or building, there’s a whole host of ways to create brilliant, engaging and disruptive adverts that catch the eye. From digital advertisements that play video to sci-fi-esque augmented reality campaigns, there have been some truly innovative advertisements placed in bus stops. It’s important, though, to make sure that the local council for your chosen advertising area allows for video advertisements at the roadside - these rules can differ across the country.
People who are absent mindedly waiting for a bus often need something to keep their mind occupied, and they can be very susceptible to promotions. A well-placed advert can catch their eye and give them something to think about on their journey. Unlike other OOH adverts, that are often seen briefly when driving, bus shelter advertisements can be more detailed - people are literally sitting and waiting next to the advert, so they have time to read it.

Local targeting

Your campaigns can be tweaked and tailored to the exact area that you’re advertising in. With digital campaigns, any new information or updates can be sent to the screen whenever you see fit, with the display changing in an instant or at a planned time to make the most of the location of your advertisement.
With time or date-specific digital campaigns, you can narrow the demographic that you’re targeting, too. If you’re a restaurant owner, advertising in a bus stop in a city centre, you can update your digital campaign with special promotions at certain times, or even directions, to encourage people to pay you a visit.

Bus shelter advertising can be a fantastic way to boost your business. Clear Channel have thousands of advertising platforms in bus shelters around the country, providing canvasses for businesses to reach out to consumers - if this sounds like something your business could benefit from, get in touch with us today.