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Digital Out of Home formats

Most people are familiar with the traditional Out of Home advertising formats – billboards and 6-sheet posters have been dotted around urban centres for decades. But, in recent years, less familiar digital display screens have begun to pop up in public spaces.

These networks of screens signify the ongoing shift towards Digital Out of Home advertising (DOOH), and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. A crisp, digital display is a sure-fire way of capturing the attention of those who pass it, especially when it makes use of dynamic content and interactive features.

But before you get too excited planning your DOOH campaign, it’s important to understand the options available. So, here’s a rundown of the different Digital Out of Home formats and what they have to offer.

Hinge Adshel Live

Adshel Live

Adshel Live is the UK’s largest DOOH network, comprised of over 3,000 digital 6-sheet screens in almost 200 towns and cities. These digital displays can be found on bus shelters, telephone boxes and standalone screens across the country’s busiest highstreets and roadsides.

Digital 6-sheets can be equipped with motion detection, touchscreen functionality and even facial recognition. It’s easy to bring creatives to life with subtle motion and dynamic messaging. 

Our Adshel Live network reaches 66% of UK adults every fortnight, according to data from Route 47. While the size of the network makes it ideal for building national-level brand awareness, it’s also what makes Adshel Live a highly flexible option. 

Brands can tap into localised inventory, running small-scale campaigns that are targeted solely at a local area. When combined with the format’s ability to show dynamic content and use programmatic buying triggers, the targeting possibilities know no bounds.

Joy Ride Billboard Live

Billboard Live

Measuring around 6m x 3m, our 48-sheet digital billboards are completely unmissable. Known as ‘Billboard Live’, they’re one of the largest DOOH formats and are the perfect choice for brands looking to reach audiences at scale.

Our Billboard Live screens are situated along busy routes in and out of towns and cities across the UK. Their roadside location means that high quantities of traffic pass them each day, providing extensive reach for advertisers. 

This huge reach, coupled with the scheduling flexibility enabled by digital formats, makes Billboard Live one of the most cost-effective DOOH options.

Capri Sun Asda Live

Supermarket screens

Our Sainsbury’s Live and Asda Live formats are full motion digital 6-sheets placed at the entrance of each supermarket’s biggest stores. Their prime positioning ensures maximum visibility for the millions of consumers who go to the supermarket every week.

Supermarket screens capitalise on the purchase mindset of shoppers entering a retail environment. They’re ideally situated to allow brands to reach new audiences and influence buyers at the point of purchase. 

The Sainsbury’s Live network reaches 15 million people every fortnight and is the better choice for premium brands. Budget-friendly brands and those with a focus on families can get in front of their target audiences by using the Asda Live network, which reaches 21 million people fortnightly.

Barbie Boohoo Malls Live

Shopping malls

Brands who are primarily focused on activation will be drawn to our network of screens across over 40 leading UK shopping centres. They can be used to advertise promotions, highlight products based on purchase trends, and even to direct customers towards a specific store or location. 

Malls Live is a network of full motion digital 6-sheets that make up the bulk of our shopping malls inventory. 20m2 premium screens called Malls Live XL are also available to broadcast advertising campaigns in stunning HD.

Malls Live Interactive refers to our next-generation interactive digital 6-sheets. On these screens, audiences can browse content, play games and engage with brands through a new and exciting format.

Ikea Land Storm Wandsworth


Storm screens are towering displays placed along major arterial routes in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Liverpool. The Storm format offers premium sites alongside premium HD screens, for an unmatchable advertising experience. 

The standout site, Storm Cromination, is made up of six individual digital displays measuring 72m long in total. With bespoke lighting and the addition of a digital nameplate below the creative, brands using Storm truly distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Simply Roasted Station Live

Station Live

Train stations see thousands of people pass through every day for a variety of reasons. Their real-world reach makes them the perfect spot to deliver campaigns of any purpose, which is why we created Station Live

Located within seven key stations serviced by LNER trains, Station Live offers brands the chance to reach audiences of all ages everywhere from London to the North East. The digital screens enable dynamic creatives that can be adapted based on time of day or other triggers, ensuring contextually relevant advertising at every moment.

Choosing the right DOOH format for your brand

Every DOOH format has something different to offer, whether that’s scale, flexibility, location or interactivity. The best place to start when considering which format or formats are right for your campaign is with your objectives.

A brand seeking fame on a nationwide scale might be best placed to use a combination of Storm sites and Billboard Live screens. A smaller brand hoping to promote its local services might find success using a selection of Adshel Live screens in strategic locations. 

To discuss which formats can aid your campaign goals, please get in touch with our experts.

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