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What is interactive DOOH?

Interactive DOOH is a type of advertising that uses Digital Out of Home (DOOH) display screens to facilitate audience interaction. There are multiple options for brands to connect with their consumers in this way, with the technology offering almost unparalleled creative freedom. 

The outdoor advertising world is currently undergoing a transformation, with Digital Out of Home projected to overtake more traditional formats in terms of ad spend. While digital displays are the leading force behind this transition, interactive DOOH is often argued to be the future of Digital Out of Home itself.  

Interactive billboards and other displays offer advertisers an intrinsically engaging platform to communicate via. By encouraging audience participation, brands can create opportunities for data capture and cross-channel activation.

Exploring interactivity in advertising

In the current online age, consumers have become accustomed to interacting with their favourite brands. Whether it’s commenting on a social media post or entering an email prize draw, there’s a reason why contact is a constant: interaction works. 

The CMI reports that interactive content increases engagement by 66%, helping to draw customers into the top of the funnel. On top of that, it creates a memorable experience for the customer, improving brand recall and making them more likely to interact further down the funnel. 

Interactive DOOH applies this principle to digital signage, just in a less crowded space than the online landscape. Interactive adverts are also possible with traditional Out of Home (e.g. with the inclusion of a QR code on a billboard) and can be very effective, but DOOH offers greater variety and flexibility.

Types of interactive DOOH 

One of the most rewarding aspects of interactive DOOH is the breadth of ways in which interaction can be forged. Here are some of the most common.

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Touchscreens allow audiences to interact with content directly. They can explore and enter information, play games, navigate websites and more, all by simply touching the screen.

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Social media

Interactive DOOH can integrate with social media platforms, enabling real-time interaction across channels. An example of this would be audiences tweeting using a specific hashtag, and their tweets then popping up on the DOOH display shortly after.

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Motion tracking/cameras

Cameras and motion sensors can detect and track movement, triggering an onscreen response. Users can see themselves reflected onscreen or interact with the advert by gesturing or performing specific actions.

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Augmented reality (AR)

AR-based interactive DOOH overlays digital elements onto real-world environments, commonly through the use of a smartphone. By aiming their camera at the advert, users can trigger virtual content, animations and additional information.

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Physical/digital hybrid

Physical/digital hybrid

It’s possible to combine physical and digital elements to create an interactive digital special build. For example, users could use a touchscreen to activate a feature of the special build. Or, conversely, they could crank a lever to change what’s displayed onscreen.

What are the benefits of interactive DOOH?

Interactive advertising is a compelling and modern approach, catching the attention of audiences and marketers alike. When combined with the many benefits of DOOH, it offers some key advantages.

Increased engagement

Interactive DOOH invites the audience to stop and interact, rather than just observe as they pass by. This naturally boosts engagement, but the benefits don’t stop there. The immersive experiences and gamification made possible by the medium help to maintain engagement throughout interactions and provide more memorable encounters. 

Brand differentiation

Interactive DOOH is still a new and exciting form of advertising. Consumers are generally curious when given the chance to interact with the relatively unknown, which is one of the reasons why interactive DOOH is so effective at enthralling audiences. Connecting emotionally with them in this way gives brands the power to stand out from their competitors

Two-way value add

People are more willing to share personal information when they’re receiving value in return. The participation and personalisation offered by interactive DOOH provide just that – value for the audience. In return, advertisers get the opportunity to continue the conversation, capture data and learn more about their audience’s behaviour.

Better analytics

When audiences actively participate in advertising, they generate additional data points for advertisers to learn from. As more detailed analytics are gathered, valuable insights into audience preferences and behaviours become clear. This then helps inform decision-making and optimisation when it comes to future campaigns

Cross-channel activation

Interaction provides a unique way for advertisers to integrate their DOOH campaigns with other channels. Audiences can be incentivised to follow a brand on social media or sign up for an email newsletter in exchange for an immediate ‘reward’.

Interactive DOOH: The future of outdoor advertising

Interactivity may be one of the latest Digital Out of Home trends, but don’t let that fool you. Far from being a passing fad, the format’s unique capabilities mean that its popularity is likely to only improve with time.

When interwoven with other DOOH features, such as dynamic content and programmatic buying, interactive DOOH provides endless possibilities to ensure that the right people see the right message at the right time.

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