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OOH advertising trends for 2023

Out of Home (OOH) advertising spending in the UK grew by 31.5% during 2022, reaching over £1bn in total revenue. Strong growth is expected into 2023, with Digital Out of Home (DOOH) leading the way in market innovation.

There’s a reason why marketers are turning to OOH in increasing numbers. In today’s online world, it’s only getting harder for brands to cut through the digital noise. OOH offers brands and consumers the opportunity to connect in the real world, away from the daily bombardment of online advertising.

But consumers are also savvier than ever. To meet their evolving needs and desires, OOH has to find new ways to attract and convert audiences. We’re taking a look at some of the biggest trends in Out of Home advertising for 2023 that will enable brands to make an impact.

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Harmonious multichannel campaigns

We’re fortunate enough to be working in an age when copious amounts of data can be gathered from almost every marketing channel. This data paints a comprehensive and detailed picture of each brand’s audience, which can be leveraged to great effect.

Data analysts turn this hard data into meaningful insights and, as the profession is exploding thanks to high demand, we predict an even greater data-centric approach to OOH advertising in 2023. From day one, marketers will be able to design their top-level strategies for the new year around their audience – not just their chosen channels. Consider RADAR for granular Out of Home audience insights.

Harmonious multichannel campaigns will therefore be a top advertising trend in 2023.

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A return to story-led advertising

OOH advertising was all about fun in 2022. Following the pandemic-induced lockdowns, OOH saw a renaissance and retaliated with bright, flashy designs and unparalleled creativity, designed to give consumers a much-needed mental boost.

Now that the pandemic is even further behind us, the advertising industry is getting back to normal. A return to story-led OOH advertising is expected, as advertisers look for more subtle ways to influence buyer behaviour.

Now that futuristic technologies like AR aren’t as much of a novelty, rather than being the focus of a campaign, these features will instead be implemented as tools to aid the narrative.

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The transition to digital continues

The transition to Digital Out of Home will continue, based on data from Clear Channel. In 2022, we saw our OOH/DOOH revenue split grow YOY, cementing the appeal of everything DOOH has to offer.

In 2023, smart features such as sensors, Bluetooth beacons and facial recognition will enable two-way interaction between advertisements and their audiences to levels not seen before. Programmatic DOOH is expected to become even bigger, enabling advertisers to drive conversions through contextual relevance and environmental buying triggers.  

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A conscientious approach

Permacrisis was the word of the year in 2022, reflecting how engaged the public is with the tumultuous threats currently facing the world. From the climate crisis to the cost-of-living crisis and the war in Ukraine, existential issues are front and centre in people’s minds.

Alongside all of the bad happening, consumers are taking positive action. Part of this involves putting their money where their mouths are by turning to brands that align with their values. The concept of being a Platform for Good has never been more relevant.

OOH products that offer a sustainable edge, like our Living Roofs project, are going to become commonplace over the coming years. Investing in sustainable advertising in 2023 will set brands ahead of the curve.

Creating the Future of Media

Creating the Future of Media is our brand mission at Clear Channel. In 2023 and always, we’re looking to the future to determine how OOH can further its benefits of helping brands achieve reach, activation and fame.

We can’t wait to see which innovative campaigns and compelling creatives will be delivered this year. If you want to see your brand leading the way, get in touch to find out more about the OOH advertising trends predicted for 2023.

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