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The first stage of the marketing funnel is all about making sure people are familiar with your brand. Your audience can’t consider your brand if they’ve never heard of your business, so when the need for a product arises, you want to be top of mind!

To drive awareness, marketers need to stand-out and cast a broad net at this stage to capture as many potential customers as possible.

“[Brand building] requires broad-reach media, because the aim is to prime everyone in the market, regardless of whether or not they are shopping right now.”
Binet and Field, Marketing Effectiveness in a Digital Era, 2017

OOH builds awareness

OOH is proven to be a great medium for driving brand awareness through its ability to reach broad audiences, cost effectively. Enabling brands to also talk to those valuable, hard-to-reach audiences of light TV viewers and younger demographics. With continuous presence, brands remain front-of-mind as they become part of our daily lives as we shop, commute, or visit the high street.

marketing awareness stat graphic 93%

93% reach of all UK adults.

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marketing awareness stat graphic 31%

31% increase in spontaneous brand awareness.

DRG, Classic & Digital delivering brand effectiveness, (seeing campaigns on Adshel & Adshel Live vs seeing no OOH), 2016

marketing awareness stat graphic 72%

Campaign planning tips

Broad Reach

Plan a wide-reaching campaign using Clear Channel's national footprint of 35,000+ panels.

Build Frequency

Awareness takes time, so consider multiple bursts of activity or long running campaigns that build frequency over time.

Bold Creative

Ensure your creative is impactful. Use your logo, brand colours, and clear messaging across OOH so your brand is easily recognisable.

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Suggested formats for the awareness stage: 

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