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OOH marketing funnel

Once your audience is aware of your brand, the next step is to ensure that they will consider buying your brand at some point in the future. Since purchase decisions are primarily influenced by emotions, at this stage, it''s all about appealing to consumers’ needs and values, and connecting emotionally.

New research has found that consideration strongly correlates with trust. Building trust is therefore essential to brands who want to move customers down the funnel towards purchasing. 81% of people say that trust is a deciding factor in their buying decision*.

*Clear Channel & JC Decaux, The Moment for Trust, 2021

OOH drives consideration

OOH is one of the most impactful media channels for brand consideration, also working effectively alongside other media to boost consideration scores, particularly TV and social. As a regulated and very public medium which is seen by many, OOH is proven to help create strong associations of trust, a key trait that today''s consumers are demanding from brands. Dynamic OOH campaigns that are highly relevant to the moment (e.g. weather, location, time of day) are also proven to boost an audience’s emotional response even further.

marketing awareness stat graphic 72%

72% more likely to increase brand consideration (seeing OOH vs not seeing).

OOH marketing funnel

OOH is the number 1 medium for delivering trust in brand claims (vs other media)

OOH marketing funnel

6.8 x stronger level of approach [positive emotion] (vs seeing non contextually relevant OOH ad)

Sources: Mesh, Power of OOH on Brand Consideration, 2016; Clear Channel & JC Decaux, The Moment for Trust, 2021; Neuro-Insight, The Moments of Truth, 2020

Campaign planning tips

Contextual Content

Use\nfull motion digital to tailor your message to the moment, or be seen on\npremium large format digital to heighten emotional response.

Credible Claims

We know OOH, as a publicly viewed\nmedium,\nhelps build trust but it’s still important to make sure any message claims are\ncredible.

Complementary Media

If you’ve already got TV or social on your media plan, make sure you include OOH to boost their effectiveness.

  • Alongside TV to create the strongest boost in consideration (+43% boost when adding OOH to a TV campaign)

  • Alongside existing social media channels to build credibility (Adding OOH to a social campaign can boost trust levels by 82%)

Sources: Mesh Power of OOH on Brand Consideration,2016; IPA, Field and Rapport, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, 2018

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Suggested formats for the\nconsideration stage: 

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