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The Marketing Funnel - Response

Once you’ve done all that hard work to familiarise all 'potential buyers' with your brand, and given them reasons to choose your product, the final step is to prompt those ‘likely buyers’ to take action (purchase, subscribe, trial your product, etc).

OOH triggers response

OOH can be planned in a highly targeted way to reach customers at exactly the right place and time when they are more likely to act - effectively triggering a response at the bottom end of the marketing funnel. OOH not only drives sales at the nearest store to a poster's location, but also at stores within the wider postcode area. And digital OOH campaigns that are highly relevant to the moment (e.g. weather, location, time of day) can significantly improve consumer response.


47% uplift in sales activation effects (vs non OOH users)


11% sales uplift within stores located in the same postal sector as an OOH campaign.


16% sales uplift when using dynamic DOOH (vs no OOH)

Sources: Field and Rapport, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, 2018; Posterscope & IRI, Proximity Plus 2018 (4 FMCG campaigns); Neuro-Insight, The Moments of Truth, 2020

Campaign planning tips

Think Budget

The most successful brands invest approx. 40% of their media budget at this stage of the funnel (the remaining 60% on earlier stages of the funnel - awareness and consideration).

Tighter Targeting

Target ‘likely buyers’ in key OOH locations using Clear Channel's suite of planning tools…

  • Key retail locations (proximity to stores/competitors) or postcode areas
  • At the right moment (ads triggered by time/day/weather/live data)
  • By people's affinity to particular brands/interests or purchase/browsing history

Timely Response

Trigger ‘likely buyers’ to act now. It’s not just about promotional messages or how far the nearest store is, brands can also use OOH to serve ads at the right time/day, show real time availability, link to the weather, an event or the local area etc.

Source: Binet and Field, The Long and Short of It, 2013

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