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Don’t get left on the shelf

You know it more than most - in fast-moving times, it's crucial to adapt your marketing strategy to stay ahead. But while cutting back on advertising might feel like a safe option right now, in reality it's rarely the right choice.

Brands that continue to invest in their marketing efforts during times of uncertainty not only recover faster but also maintain their market share more consistently. 

Shaping a strategy that is both responsible and resonates with people can be tricky though. Understanding your audience and reaching them with the right message, at the right time, is key. FMCG brands are increasingly using our real-world platforms to not only connect with consumers in the right places and moments to influence purchase decisions, but to also boost their sustainable messaging, and reinforce their green and corporate social responsibility messaging too.

If you want to make a difference with your marketing, discover the superpower of Out of Home (OOH)… 

A Platform for Brands and for Good

Brands are now expected to do more than just sell products, and marketers face more pressure to create campaigns that bring value and drive positive change. OOH continues to play an essential role, serving communities up and down the country as a Platform For Good and a Platform For Brands.

Our digital transformation is making OOH smarter, faster and even more effective. As a responsible media channel, built upon public infrastructure and service, we are also uniquely trusted and accountable to both the brands and communities we serve. By spending media budget on OOH, brands are helping to invest back into local communities (50% of OOH revenue is reinvested) and helping to fund more sustainable public infrastructure. And, with 92% of our Digital OOH estate already running on renewable energy, FMCG brands can reduce the carbon footprint of their campaigns as we all progress towards a Carbon Net Zero future.  



of FMCG category shoppers have seen an OOH ad in the last week



reduction in Clear Channel's carbon footprint

(2008 – 2021)



low energy LED lights installed as part of our policy

The place to be for FMCG

FMCG brands have always paired up perfectly with OOH. From influencing potential customers and increasing product sales, to turning retailers' heads with intelligent proximity campaigns, and providing a creative canvas for brands to express themselves and captivate new customers. OOH’s unique place in the real-world as a broadcast and digital channel means it can play a key role for brands to hit both brand building and short-term activation objectives - hover over the images below to discover more.

Kit Kat digital poster on a high street bus shelter, in the rain with the copy '44% chance of rain. Duvet day?

Brand building is key to price sensitivity 

Price sensitivity is impacting all category verticals. The battle against own label or cheaper alternatives means FMCG brands need to work harder to reduce price sensitivity, rather than get caught in a price war.  Strong branding increases price elasticity; the stronger the brand, the more power you have to increase price. According to Kantar, the way to do this is to be meaningful, different and salient, and Out of Home is well placed to deliver on these brand building metrics.

Various digital billboards showing Minor Figures ad

Speak to everyone, on their level

Broadcast reach is essential for driving awareness with all potential customers. OOH speaks to everyone, and when it’s paired with other media such as TV, it makes a media plan work harder. Clear Channel’s combined estate reaches 90% of all UK adults, and our digital offering alone reaches over 66% of the population.  

With that reach, comes inclusivity. At a time when brands are rightly focused on ensuring their media plans connect with people from all walks of life, OOH is naturally the most inclusive channel. With thousands of sites on high streets and in local neighbourhoods, reaching people where they live, exercise and work - OOH speaks to people on their level.

Mouthwash brand advertised on a digital bus shelter poster

Trust us, you can’t lie in public 

When it comes to buying goods and services, people no longer have the money to take risks.  As an FMCG brand, that means you need to build trust. You must give consumers confidence that your products will meet their needs. And there’s no better way to do that than with OOH. 

OOH's unique role as a public broadcast channel makes it one of the most successful channels for delivering honest, credible information to the masses. Our research project, The Moment of Trust proves that building trust through OOH translates directly into increased brand consideration. You simply can’t get away with telling lies in public.  If you want trust, say it loud and proud on public screens up and down the country. 



increase in brain response when contextually relevant content is displayed in the right moment



Out of Home reach of all UK adults



of people now say that trust in a brand has become more important in their brand decisions

Connect with real-world buying situations 

As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, consumers are becoming more selective about what they buy. To ensure success, FMCG brands must defend or create Category Entry Points (CEP) - the cues that trigger buying behaviour. By positioning your brand alongside the CEP, you can maximise your association with it. OOH provides the perfect platform to showcase your brand as these entry points unfold in the real world – for example changes in weather, location, and time - allowing you to reach millions of potential customers across the country.

Gin and tonic pre-mixed drink advert on a digital bus shelter in summer with a cyclist passing by

Real-world locations

eg. proximity to parks

Twix digital poster on a wet high street with the copy

Real-world moments

eg. snack or post-lunch pick-me-ups

A peek into shifting shopping behaviours

With shoppers continuing to face a multitude of challenges, understanding their changing motivations can help FMCG brands unlock growth throughout 2024. Our new FMCG category insights are designed to give you an instant hit of what shoppers are currently thinking and doing. This is just the first in a series of FMCG insight dives across the year, helping you align your market strategy and Out of Home media plans with the changing needs of your audience. Checkout the headline stats below.

‘On-The-Go’ advertising for FMCG

Our Out of Home portfolio offers a fantastic opportunity for FMCG brands to connect with audiences on both a local and national level. Our advertising formats are perfectly placed to ensure that your brand is seen by as many people as possible, in real life.

Brand building: Roadside formats provide reach and impact 

Our roadside formats enable brands to reach UK audiences at scale. They are seen by 90%+ of the adult population.  We've got a national portfolio that's sure to catch the eye - whether people are driving, taking the bus or out and about on foot. We know how important it is for FMCG brands to get noticed, and our roadside formats deliver impactful, memorable campaigns, no matter how big or small your brand is.

Digital billboard beside a busy road show McCain ad

Activation: Planning in proximity to points of purchase 

Want to be seen by the people most likely to buy your product? Then you need to get in front of them at the point of purchase. We're talking about reaching all kinds of people, from shoppers to office workers to Gen-Z, on high streets and supermarkets across the country. It's the perfect opportunity to drive action and boost sales.

Located in busy retail hotspots, Adshel Live is the UK’s largest Digital OOH network. Its scale and flexibility provides a perfect platform to deliver both brand-building campaigns and targeted activations.

As long-standing partners of Asda and Sainsbury’s, our supermarket digital screens are perfectly placed to influence shoppers; allowing brands to deliver messages around key retail occasions, promotions, and across the most effective times of the day.

Beer brand advertised outside of a supermarket in summer


Asda & Sainsbury's Live: The UK's largest Digital Supermarket Network

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