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Epic, electric, exciting - the emotive power of creative outdoor advertising

22 Sep 2022 / Opinions, Campaigns
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Tottenham Hotspur Sky Sports Ad

After a summer of excitement and emotions with the Lionesses delivering new heights for England, appetite has been whetted for another season ahead of sensational sport. Sky Sports latest evocative campaign - it’s only live once - is certainly stirring up feelings across billboards nationwide, and has me excited to reach for the season ticket back to the GTech community stadium to see Brentford again this year (my beloved Sunderland just too far to commute).

Playing to all of the rules of Powerful Posters, the designs for each of the multiple creatives are Simple, Striking, Succinct and Sensible.

Sky Sports Only Live Once Billboards

The copy is short, engaging, exciting and evocative. 

The imagery plays on highly emotive sporting moments. 

The people featured across the campaign are representative and inclusive. 

The choice of font feels high energy. 

The addition of bursts of colour adds vibrancy and motion. 

Pure brand-building posters, with no clutter with the addition of URLs, social handles or phone numbers. 

But sadly, Newcastle features and Sunderland doesn’t. Not even Sky can be perfect ;) 

Sky Sports Billboard Advertising

The campaign has driven a response across social media too, with different creatives featuring in local communities up and down the country, with one fan particularly delighted to see himself and a friend made famous on a local billboard. 

Social Amplification of Out of Home Advertising

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by Ben Hope, Marketing Director