Clear Channel & Out of Home: Right, Responsible, Effective

Harness Out of Home’s superpowers for good and for growth: why Clear Channel remains the right and responsible choice for brands

01 Nov 2023 / News, Opinions
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An Adshel Live screen and greenery alongside Clear Channel's proposition Right Choice, Responsible Choice

Maximise campaign effectiveness with Out of Home, do so responsibly with Clear Channel UK

Recent insights shared by the industry make a compelling case for Out of Home (OOH) advertising as the right choice for brands but also the responsible choice for those aiming to make a positive impact. And when it comes to the best option for OOH advertising, Clear Channel remains a perfect fit for advertisers who aspire to make a difference, connecting their campaign goals with social responsibility.

The right choice: revisiting reach

OOH is a powerful media channel that possesses many unique features and benefits but it's best at building brands. Businesses looking to target as many buyers as possible profit from the reach OOH offers because of its ability to access a wide range of diverse audiences.

And when it comes to reach, national reach is next to impossible without Clear Channel's involvement. Clear Channel delivers a remarkable 91% national reach every two weeks, connecting with a staggering 49 million adults across 30,000 sites.

Getting the attention of light-category buyers, who are essential according to the laws of growth, is particularly vital in uncertain economic times. Recent research shows that 45% of consumers are buying less compared to 12 months ago, and attracting new buyers is now easier than retaining existing ones due to the expanded array of purchasing options.

Additionally, with reach, advertisers should consider other laws of growth like User Bases Seldom Vary to ensure they’re maximising sales potential by appealing to a wide range of people and not only specific groups. This makes OOH advertising the strategic choice for brands since it can easily influence untapped markets. New developments like programmatic Out of Home can help deliver targeted reach to complement existing, broadcast plans – such as targeting audiences where your competitors over-index.

We know based on the Duplication of Purchase Law that brands typically compete with others in line with competitor brand popularity. By utilising OOH advertising, businesses can target consumers who purchase from their competitors and develop mental penetration against key Category Entry Points, allowing them to unlock additional growth opportunities.

The responsible choice: fusing power with purpose

Shifting towards responsibility, OOH goes one step beyond - it truly gives back.

We know almost half of OOH advertising revenue goes back to the UK economy making it the only medium that delivers tangible benefits to the public. When it comes to sustainability, the entire industry has made significant progress towards becoming a more energy-efficient medium, in purchasing 94% renewable energy.

Our sustainable transformation is a shared responsibility with the OOH industry. At Clear Channel we are now working to establish our Social Value Score to further quantify our societal contributions since being the first outdoor media owner to be awarded the Planet Mark Business Certification.

From LED installations to rainwater collection and renewable energy usage, we’re on the path to Carbon Net Zero, having already achieved an 83% reduction in carbon emissions since 2008.

Innovative products like our Living Roofs, are the only ones in the market with a net positive biodiversity score, as certified by the Wildlife Trusts. Energy-efficient upgrades including solar panels further demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices.

A platform for all: championing inclusivity

When it comes to making a difference, the public nature of OOH means we’re always on display and so are the causes that matter to us. In 2023, Clear Channel has delivered over 70 pro-bono initiatives for both national and local charities and social good organisations, with media support amounting to an impressive £20m, or two-thirds of the industry value in 2021.

The Prince’s Trust, Keep Britain Tidy, Teenage Cancer Trust and Plan International are just a few of the many partners we’ve supported and have been doing so for a long time.

We champion diverse communities, whether through increasing representation and visibility in media with organisations like MEFA and Outvertising, fostering the next generation of talent with Brixton Finishing School or empowering independent Black-owned businesses with free advertising space through our Clear Channel Compass scheme in partnership with Jamii.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our partners have to say.

At a time when many organisations are rightly focused on ensuring their media plans connect with all types of people from different backgrounds, we recognise that inclusive advertising should engage everyone in our society which is exactly the focus of our OOH The Inclusive Channel series.

To sum up, when it comes to advertising, the choice is in your hands. It's no secret that OOH advertising is the right choice for brands and Clear Channel stands out as the right choice for OOH. Clear Channel is not only a Platform for Brands but also a Platform for Good, promoting the superpowers of OOH advertising and contributing to small, but meaningful, positive changes in society.