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What are the advantages of Billboard Advertising?

14 May 2019 / Insights
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If you’ve left your house at any point today, the chances are you’ll have seen a few billboards dotted around, advertising everything from burgers to cars.

If you’ve left your house at any point today, the chances are you’ll have seen a few billboards dotted around, advertising everything from burgers to cars. They’re a mainstay of our roads and our city centres, and with all the changes in advertising technology over the years, the advertising billboard remains as strong a platform as ever. In this piece, the team at Clear Channel Direct will give you some insight into the advantages of billboard advertising.


In the opening paragraph, we mentioned the changes in advertising technology. Lots of these changes have made billboard advertising stronger, rather than condemning it to irrelevance. Of course, a traditional 48 or 96-sheet poster advertisement can still work perfectly, but digital billboards have really taken advertising to a new level. The versatility of digital advertisements allows for so much creativity; from interactive displays to motion-sensitive promotions, there’s so much you can do with a digital advertisement. This can help your advert stand out, leading to a greater level of engagement with consumers who see or interact with your display.
This versatility also lends itself to time-sensitive adverts. If you’re running a happy hour at a bar, for example, your advertisement can change during happy hour to promote it more heavily, reverting to a more general advertisement outside of those hours.

They can’t be ignored

Online advertisements can be blocked, you can change the channel or switch off the TV when an advert comes on - and you can do the same with radio. Billboards, though, are very hard to ignore. In the right place, thousands of people will pass it every day, and they’re almost certain to glance at it; if your advert is well-designed, with a strong message, then they’ll remember it, too.

It’s a trusted medium

Certain types of advertising are more trustworthy than others, and OOH media holds a higher level of trust than several other formats, including online and social media advertising, according to a study by Nielsen (page 6). This level of trust means that your message is likely to hold more weight than it would if you were to advertise through an online banner ad, for example.

Tracking your impact

Until recently, it was quite difficult to track the impact your outdoor advertisement was having on the public and your brand. Now, however, there’s a number of ways to see how your promotion is doing. Adding a URL or a QR code to your advertisement is a great way of doing this; you can use analytics software to see how many people have visited the URL or scanned the code, giving you a clear indication of how many people have engaged with your promotion.
These are just a few of the benefits of traditional billboard advertising. This format allows you to truly express creativity, utilising art, video, copy and marketing savvy in one effective package, engaging with and impacting consumers in ways that other mediums simply cannot match.

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