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Effective campaigns for shopping centre advertising

Shopping centre advertising can be a powerful tool for brands trying to stand out from the competition in a multi-store environment. But this form of Out of Home (OOH) isn’t just for retail brands.

Shopping centre trends and statistics show that 57% of people visit one at least every month. Such scale and diversity of demographics provide an opportunity for all kinds of brands and businesses to reach vast new audiences.

In this guide, we’ll look at different examples of shopping mall advertising and provide insights and ideas for building an effective campaign.

Shopping mall advertising campaign examples

The best way to get to grips with what constitutes an effective campaign is to look at different examples. We’ve compiled some of the best shopping mall advertising campaigns to show the variety of formats offered by the medium, as well as the variety of brands that can benefit from it.

Bristol Hippodrome

The Bristol Hippodrome ran an activation campaign using our Malls Live screens in Cabot Circus shopping centre. The theatre wanted to raise awareness of its upcoming productions and drive ticket sales, which it did successfully. 

As part of a wider OOH campaign using screens across the city centre’s high streets and pubs, the Hippodrome managed to reach both locals and visitors to the area. The use of key retail environments ensured that the theatre placed its brand in front of leisure-seekers and gift-buyers – two audiences in the market for theatre tickets. 


Alongside their popular ‘Everybody’s Free’ TV commercial, milk brand Cravendale ran a multi-format OOH campaign with the goal of activation at scale. To do this, they utilised unmissable DOOH screens in shopping centres and supermarkets across the UK.

Cravendale captured the attention of shoppers with a 3D advert that gave the illusion of a farmer reaching out from the screen with a glass of milk in his hand. The creative was simple but innovative, showing how effective shopping centre advertising can be when trying to make a statement within a busy environment.

University of West England

As part of its student recruitment drive, The University of West England (UWE) decided to bring the sights and sounds of life on campus to the people of Bristol. This creative idea was facilitated by two directional audio domes set up in the Cribbs Causeway and Cabot Circus shopping centres.

When shoppers stood in the right spot (indicated by prominent vinyl floor markings), they were perfectly positioned under the sound dome. The accompanying full-motion video screen then played a flyby tour of UWE’s campus, ensuring an engaging, multi-sensory experience that drove results.

Shopping mall advertising ideas

As you can see from the examples above, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building an effective shopping mall advertising campaign. However, there are some tried and tested techniques that have been proven to work for a range of brands and their audiences. So, here are our top shopping mall advertising ideas to try out.

1. Interactive ads

With the rise of experiential retailing, shopping centre audiences are increasingly being turned from passive participants into active ones. Interactive Digital Out of Home (DOOH) screens allow advertisers to engage their audiences on a deeper level, providing a more memorable experience.

2. Unmissable screens

A strategically placed large advertising screen captures attention in a way that little else can. With formats like our Malls Live XL screens, advertisers can make an unrivalled impact at the key moment and ensure their brand is front of mind as audiences scout the shops.

3. Special offers

There’s a reason why special offers are so consistently used in advertising materials – consumers love a good deal. By drawing attention to current promotions, brands can cement themselves as the smart option when it comes to cost-conscious customers. This is especially effective during retail occasions when consumers are always on the lookout for offers. 

4. Loyalty schemes

Shopping centre audiences are generally looking to purchase, and loyalty schemes reward purchasing. Using shopping centre advertising to draw attention to loyalty schemes can therefore help audiences to feel as though they’re getting something extra back by choosing your brand. Driving loyalty with retail advertising also means that adverts continue to provide ROI long after the campaign has ended.

5. Directions

For brands with physical shops, advertising in the shopping centre where the store is located makes perfect sense. Using messaging with simple directional cues such as ’50 metres this way’ accompanied by an arrow can be highly effective, as it removes friction for audiences. By streamlining the shopping experience, brands provide their audience with a sense of convenience and immediacy that helps to drive action.

6. Contextual messaging

Contextual messaging that displays relevant content at the relevant moment has been shown to increase brain response by 32%. In a shopping centre environment, this could be as simple as advertising umbrellas when it’s raining, or using seasonal marketing tactics to promote card sales in the run-up to Mother’s Day.

Amplify and activate with shopping centre advertising

Shopping centres provide consumer-facing brands with an opportunity to connect with their target audiences while they’re already in the purchasing mindset. 

For those whose store is located within a shopping mall, including this wider environment as part of your instore advertising strategy will help you to capture customers and begin to nurture them before they even set foot inside your store. 

Brands that are online-only or located further away from the shopping mall can ensure that they remain visible to audiences across all environments.  

If you’re not sure what an effective shopping centre advertising campaign might look like for your brand, or if you’d like to find out more about the different formats and locations available, please get in touch with our expert team.

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