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Why YOU should use OOH advertising

Out of Home (OOH) advertising is the umbrella term for advertising that takes place outside the home. OOH advertising examples include bus shelter adverts, billboards, shopping centre displays, roadside adverts and other forms of digital signage.

OOH can be used to both lead and support marketing activity at every stage of the journey. Brands are able to reach and activate consumers on the go, amplify existing marketing efforts and reap the rewards of a high ROI channel.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of OOH advertising that make it a great proposition for marketers everywhere.

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1. Scalable campaigns

With OOH, marketers can go as big or small as they want. The medium is suitable for both local and national campaigns, or anywhere in between.

National campaigns that run on OOH media help brands reach large audiences across the country. Audiences can still be filtered using demographics or locational factors (e.g. urban vs suburban), making it a versatile option for brands who want a little more nuance to their targeting.

Local-level campaigns are particularly useful to local businesses for whom there’s no value in targeting consumers beyond a certain radius of their premises. But national brands can still benefit from localised campaigns – for example, if there are regional differences in their products or services.

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2. Flexible to suit your needs

There’s a great degree of flexibility in terms of the locations, formats and designs used with OOH. From roadside to retail to pubs and clubs, you can choose the environment where you’re most likely to capture potential customers.

Whatever the scale or purpose of the campaign, there are enough formats to provide you with the options you need. A traditional bus shelter poster with a two-week run time is worlds away from a national, multi-channel Digital Out of Home campaign – but either could be right for you.

The flexibility of OOH extends to the creative execution. Brands can opt to push boundaries with 3D content or even augmented reality. But whether you want to go wild with the creative or stick to a classic design, the choice is in your hands.

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3. High visibility and impact

The offline advertising world has far less market saturation than the online one. This makes it easier for your brand to cut through the noise, and might be why around 80% of consumers have noticed a billboard advert in the past week.

But Out of Home advertising doesn’t just reach large numbers of people. It also engages them, with 45% of people saying they respond to outdoor ads in some way.

It makes sense – do you pay more attention to the hundreds of ads that you see on your phone each day or the single, eye-catching billboard that you walk past every day on your way to work?

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4. Hyper-targeted audiences

Digital Out of Home allows advertisers to hyper-target their market. Data enables audience segmentation at a granular level, while dynamic advertising solutions mean advertisers can deliver highly personalised, relevant messaging.

Audience insights let advertisers gain a better understanding of sentiment, which can then be used to inform messaging. Programmatic buying options turn insight into action with speed.

Go beyond basic demographics or location targeting with Radar, Clear Channel’s proprietary audience intelligence tool. Radar combines digital insights and audience groupings with real-world data. The benefits are cohesive; advertisers know who they should be targeting, plus where and when to find them. 

Choosing OOH advertising

There are few mediums as reliably effective as Out of Home. It’s a tried and tested channel which has continually evolved to meet the demands of modern marketing with great success. And when used alongside other types of media, rather than instead of, OOH becomes even stronger.

You should choose OOH advertising if you want flexibility, reliability and a results-led approach. Get in touch to find out more about what OOH can do for you.

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