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Malls Live & Malls Live XL Specification

Supplying Content

Our specifications and deadlines differ depending on which team has processed your campaign.

To ensure your content is sent to the correct department, please use the link below which best represents your booking: 

Booked through an Agency Group or a Specialist? Supply your content here.

Booked directly with Clear Channel or an Independent Agency? Supply your content here.

Creating Content

Static Content

Creative Dimensions: 1080px x 1920px portrait
Please see additional specifications for Trafford Centre below
File Type: JPG
File Format: RGB
CMYK will not display correctly
Fie Size: 1MB or less for programmatic campaigns

Video Content

File Formats: MPEG4, MOV
Encoding: H264
Frame Rate: 25fps
Bitrate: 8mbit/s
File Size: 25MB or less / 5MB or less for programmatic campaigns
Standard Slot Length: 10 seconds
Guidelines: Video Creative Guidelines

Dynamic Content

Creative Considerations

For all Malls Live/Malls Live XL campaigns, where the content supports a store or references price promotion, this store must be within the mall.

  • Video content is permitted. Please refer to the Video Creative Guidelines.

  • Standard slot length: 10 seconds (unless agreed otherwise) 

  • Screens do not emit sound. 

Content prohibitions may apply to selected screens. Please contact Clear Channel at least 7 days in advance if you intend to include any of the following categories so that we can confirm appropriate screens:

  • Sweets, Fast Food & other HFSS products

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco/Vapes

  • Guns

  • Swimwear/underwear

  • Politics

Advertisers have the responsibility of conforming to the ASA & CAP regulations, including notifying if the NP score means that a product is classed as HFSS.

All content must comply with our Digital Terms and Conditions.

Trafford Centre specifications

The Trafford centre has multiple screen dimensions. Please complete your artwork in all sizes provided in the table on the right.

Portrait - Static Content

Frame ID Width Height
2000215476 768px 1152px
2000215477 768px 1152px

Portrait - Full Motion

Frame ID Width Height
1234859877 768px 1152px
1234859880 768px 1152px
1234859881 768px 1152px
1234859882 768px 1152px
1234859883 768px 1152px

Landscape - Static Content

Frame ID Width Height
2000215478 1366px 768px

Landscape - Full Motion

Frame ID Width Height
1234859875 1224px 340px
1234859876 1224px 340px
1234859878 1224px 340px
1234859879 1224px 340px
1234859884 1224px 340px

Additional digital creative costs

There is an additional charge for campaigns where more than 10 creatives are provided (on all formats except Storm, where there is no charge) of £100 (NET) per creative.


  • 11 creatives = 1 additional creative =  £100 charge

  • 20 creatives = 10 additional creatives = £1,000


Artwork Templates

Malls Live / Malls Live XL - Static .ai
Malls Live / Malls Live XL - Static .psd
Malls Live / Malls Live XL - Video .aep