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What is Clear Channel RADAR®?

RADAR is a suite of tools that’s proprietary to Clear Channel and uses aggregated, anonymised mobile location data to better understand the audience groups that are passing by our advertising sites.

In the UK, we are rolling out RADARView®, a dynamic campaign planning tool designed to help advertisers plan their Out of Home campaigns more effectively. The tool does this by showing what audience groups pass by each of our sites, allowing advertisers to choose the sites that are best suited to reach their target audience, based on criteria including behaviours, demographics, geographical location, proximity to retail locations and other points of interest or brand affinity.

How will advertisers benefit?

RADARView® will enable advertisers to craft and efficiently target campaigns geared towards hitting objectives such as driving customer loyalty, acquisition or delivering store footfall. Adding to the existing core strength of Out of Home’s broadcast reach, the more granular, anonymised RADAR data will be able to deliver a perfect balance of targeted reach solutions.

The tool helps advertisers to visualise RADAR data in order to identify the best locations to reach their target audience. Clients can select sites based on location, demographic or behavioural attributes, point of interest proximity and/or product type, providing an unmatched degree of flexibility and insights that drive results for them.

The data is updated weekly so that advertisers will benefit from an accurate, up-to-date understanding of our inventory and actionable intelligence on where to reach audiences in ever-changing circumstances.

What audiences are available on RADARView®?

At present, RADARView® offers over 500 audience segments for planning including demographic targets, audience behaviours and interest category.

Over time, the number of available audiences will evolve based on client demand. If there are additional audiences that advertisers might be interested in seeing that are currently not available in RADARView®, it will be possible to add more custom audiences based on the anonymised, GDPR compliant data set.

Where does the data come from?

In the UK, the mobile location data which is used to generate the audience profile insights in RADARView® currently comes from AdSquare, a carefully vetted third-party data provider and an established leader in location technology. They aggregate and anonymise data from mobile devices of consenting individuals, representing approx. 10% of UK population, prior to sharing the data with us.

Is the data GDPR compliant?

Yes, we take data privacy extremely seriously and strictly adhere to GDPR regulations while also ensuring that our data partners are GDPR compliant.

All location data used in RADARView® come from mobile devices of consenting individuals and are aggregated – we only analyse behaviours of groups of people, not individuals – and anonymous – we don’t know any personal information and cannot in any way identify, track or target individual people.

How does RADARView® complement Route data?

Route’s measurement system is designed to provide an industry currency that can be used as a consistent metric by planners and buyers. The figures are based on a composite model comprising of: GPS Travel Survey, Traffic Intensity Model, Eye Tracking. More information on Route''s methodology can be found here.

RADARView® uses mobile device location data to tell us the behavioural profile of the audience it reaches such as age, gender or shopping habits. This methodology means we can generate more granular behavioural profiles and we can monitor more recent changes in behaviours such as the movement of people due to the impact of Covid-19 restrictions.

The impact numbers generated by Route are the standard metric for determining how many people a site reaches, while RADARView® augments this with insights about the groups of people that pass by our sites.

Does RADARView cover all inventory in the UK?

RADARView® currently includes all our digital inventory, including Adshel Live, Billboard Live, Malls Live and Storm, as well as our classic Out of Home estate nationwide.

How will RADARView® be used in media plans?

Our teams will have access to the RADARView® tool and be able to map our inventory against behavioural profiles of audience groups, based on the advertiser’s specific requirements and where appropriate for the particular campaign brief. The tool will be used in conjunction with our existing campaign planning tools as needed and the insights will then be incorporated into the proposed media plans accordingly. 

To find out more about the RADAR tool and data privacy, read an interview with Andy Stevens, Commercial Innovation Director, here

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