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Powerful Posters arrive in a timely fashion for travel brands

02 Nov 2022 / Opinions, Campaigns
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British Airways Halloween Billboard Live

The battle for travel is well and truly on as brands bet big on outdoor advertising, crafting Powerful Posters, to be top of mind as people consider their choices of both where, and how, to travel. Planes, trains and automobile marketers are employing different tactics to meet their objectives across Out of Home as they try to influence customer choice...

British Airways 

British Airways have lifted off with a colossal, multi-format brand-building campaign by Uncommon, launching their new brand positioning “A British Original”. Building a record-breaking number of creatives, the exquisite copy-driven campaign plays on answers to the question: What is the purpose of your visit? 

It’s rare to see a single campaign play on so many emotions, from humour to relief to sorrow, making the campaign relevant and meaningful. Truly omnichannel, with press and TV ads alongside the more than 500 Out of Home executions, the campaign maximises on the power of contextual digital Out of Home with copy and creatives adapted throughout to be steered by location, time of day, weather and topical events based on the news. 

British Airways Billboard Live in Leicester Square above a British Airways Adshel Live screen on a busy road

The poster designs are clean, simple, adapted to their environment and extremely bright with a significant amount of literal white space. This campaign is all about the copy, presented true to BA’s brand codes and colours. Could the logo be bigger to get the benefit of the new brand positioning? As Nils from Uncommon said to us on the Powerful Posters Roundtable, there are bigger problems with creatives in the industry than logo size 😉 - not with this campaign! Brilliant work as ever. 

Powerful Posters British Airways


Trainline’s new “I came by train” campaign puts the climate emergency at the heart of the campaign. By Mother London, the creatives put rail firmly on the offensive against planes, with more copy-led posters leaning on the environmental consequences of a lack of inaction. 

Based on the insight that train travel is 7x less polluting than flying, the purpose-drive creatives are intended “to help people take steps towards more sustainable lifestyles” according to Trainlines VP of Brand. 

The creatives feature a poster-filling, eye-catching headline in a classic serif font, alongside a number of pixelated, washed-out, striking supporting images. The sub-copy points to a single call to action to ‘find the facts’. Visitors to the campaign website are encouraged to pledge to swap one journey to rail, to help reduce the carbon footprint of their travel. 

Powerful Posters Trainline Campaign

Free Now 

From planes to trains, to local mobility. 

Free Now are employing the simple tactics of increasing awareness of the availability and reducing the effort of local travel to drive activation by dynamically highlighting the nearest form of transport available from the poster. 

Based on location-based and app data, the creative displays the best form of transport from the app with a timing for availability, with the campaign looking to drive downloads and usage adoption of the Free Now app. 

The poster has a simple, high-contrast design with white copy on a striking red background.

Powerful Posters Free Now

Travel roundup 

A round-up of the other travel brands using Out of Home to communicate solutions to current customer concerns from journey times, usability and convenience, sustainability, convenience/ease of access and the cost of living. 

OOH Travel Creatives
OOH Travel Creatives

Travel and mobility have truly bounced back, with global, national and local brands leveraging the benefits of Out of Home advertising to craft Powerful Posters communicating their messages. 

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