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OOH and DOOH Advertising Trends for 2024

Out of Home (OOH) advertising has effectively weathered the storm caused by 2020’s pandemic, with growth in global OOH ad spend back on the upward trajectory it diverged from in 2019. In fact, total OOH ad spend is projected to cross $40bn for the first time ever in 2024, driven by growing demand.

With that growth comes new opportunities for innovation from advertisers, and it’s already possible to see what trends are set to dominate the OOH and Digital Out of Home (DOOH) sectors in 2024. We’ve put together the following list to help you stay on the cutting edge, meaning you can make the most of every campaign you launch.

Multichannel campaigns

There has been a noticeable shift in recent years towards multichannel marketing strategies that allow brands to communicate their values more holistically across all channels. 

It’s primarily a response to modern consumer behaviour, designed to take advantage of the growing overlap between physical and digital landscapes. This means OOH is often integrated as a core element in broader multichannel campaigns. 

We expect to see multichannel marketing strategies that involve OOH advertising continue to grow in popularity as we head into 2024, as brands create more seamless, immersive, and consistent audience experiences across multiple advertising channels and touchpoints. 

The benefits for advertisers include increased engagement driven by hybrid OOH and digital experiences, and the potential to activate customers in brand new ways.

Agile, programmatic OOH 

Programmatic OOH advertising allows advertisers to plan and deploy highly agile campaigns, targeting specific audiences with greater granularity and flexibility than ever before. 

This approach streamlines the ad buying process and enables advertisers to make real-time adjustments to their campaigns based on diverse factors, like the time of day or the temperature. It also facilitates more dynamic, contextual campaigns that respond to their environment and drive greater engagement.

The benefits of programmatic advertising, including a significantly improved ability to automate and optimise campaigns, have made it a mainstay in the OOH space. And it’s likely to continue growing in popularity over the coming years. 

The growth of programmatic OOH is a reflection of the broader move towards a data-driven approach in the sector at large, and it offers advertisers more opportunities to boost the ROI they generate from their OOH ad spend. 

More interactive creatives

OOH ad creatives have been moving in the direction of increased interactivity for a while, driven by the still-growing prevalence of personal digital devices. This trend will continue into 2024, with more advertisers set to embrace dynamic, engaging, interactive content that encourages audience participation. 

Interactive OOH campaigns can leverage diverse technologies like augmented reality (AR), QR codes, and touchscreens to foster engagement and turn audience members into active participants. 

They allow advertisers to create much more immersive ad creatives, turning brand-consumer interactions into rich, memorable experiences that stand out and cultivate deeper, longer-lasting connections. 

Interactive creatives are also the perfect complement to multichannel marketing involving OOH, giving advertisers the chance to seamlessly funnel a real-world audience into a carefully curated digital experience.

Greater personalisation

The growth in sophistication of real-time data analytics platforms like Clear Channel’s RADAR gives OOH advertisers insights that unlock brand new opportunities for ad personalisation. 

They offer unprecedented access to anonymised audience location, demographic, and behaviour data. Advertisers can feed this data into their campaigns to deliver personalised experiences based on diverse factors, ensuring their ads are reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.

Personalised OOH ad campaigns that leverage data from platforms like RADAR can reach new levels of relevance with their target audience, in turn boosting the amount of attention they capture and how much engagement follows.

OOH ad personalisation, which we expect to become an even bigger force in the sector in 2024, is a great way to boost ROI, ensuring that every ad placed has a greater impact on its audience.

Special builds fuel creativity

Special builds, also known as custom or bespoke builds, involve the creation of unique OOH advertising displays and structures. Some of the most creative examples of billboards that we’ve seen recently have been special builds.

In a time when advertisers need to stand out to be noticed, special builds provide the freedom and creativity to do just that. Going beyond traditional billboard advertising, they are tailor-made to suit the campaign’s creative concept and specific location. They usually include features that are designed to grab attention, such as 3D elements or interactive audio.

Delivering the kind of wow factor that special builds enable is one of the most effective ways to leave a lasting impression on audiences. And in today’s competitive landscape, brand recall is more important than ever – which is why special builds are one of our top OOH trends for 2024.

Expansion of retail media networks

Retail media is expected to be the fastest growing ad channel between now and 2027. Although a large part of this is due to the expansion of online retail media networks, OOH networks covering key retail locations are also expected to play an integral part in this growth.

OOH advertising on high streets, in shopping centres and in supermarkets provides a valuable opportunity for advertisers to activate an audience who are already in the mindset to buy. By offering a touchpoint for brands to connect with audiences close to the point of purchase, OOH retail media can be the difference between making a sale and not.

The future of retail advertising looks promising as brands capitalise on the synergy between physical retail spaces and strategically placed OOH media to create impactful, conversion-driven campaigns

The AI takeover continues

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a key trend in 2024 and beyond, as the technology continues to revolutionize the advertising industry.

From AI-powered location intelligence to advanced data analysis algorithms that enable hyper-optimised dynamic content, AI offers an unprecedented capability for creating targeted and personalised ad campaigns.

Consumer behaviours are constantly evolving, as are plenty of other factors that affect the success of a campaign. AI turns this potential problem into an advantage by ensuring agility, speed and real-time reactivity.

Whether through enhanced performance analysis, automated optimisation or increased efficiency, AI is bound to make its mark on almost any DOOH campaign in 2024.

A new era for OOH

The OOH advertising landscape is constantly developing, giving advertisers more options to consider when building campaigns designed to reach, engage, and convert their target audience.

OOH trends like the shift towards multichannel marketing and advancements in programmatic advertising technology are ensuring that OOH remains a compelling option for advertisers looking to maximise campaign reach and ad relevance.

If you’d like to apply what you’ve learned in an OOH or DOOH campaign, get in touch with us today to find out how Clear Channel can support your advertising efforts.

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