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Clear Channel announces the UK’s biggest ever investment in digital out-of-home media

25 Sep 2014 / News
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Billboard Live screen showing SKATE ad for Fortnum & Mason

Clear Channel is to launch Play London; the first part of a major expansion of the media owner’s roadside digital outdoor portfolio.

  • Play London unveiled as the first stage in major digital portfolio expansion

  • London Wrap network of 40 state-of-the-art digital 48-sheet screens to be installed by the end of the year

  • Storm to more than double its portfolio of super-premium digital sites

  • LD6 rebranded as Adshel Live

Clear Channel is to launch Play London – the first part of a major expansion of the media owner’s roadside digital outdoor portfolio.

Play London consists of the London Wrap, a brand new, built-for-purpose network of 40 premium digital 48-sheet screens, which were developed by Ultravision International and made available to Clear Channel through its relationship with Active International UK; Clear Channel’s super-premium digital Storm brand, which is set to more than double its number of sites in London to 20; and the LD6 network of 100 central London digital 6-sheets, which is to be rebranded as Adshel Live.

Play London is the first part of a major investment in UK digital outdoor which will see the nationwide expansion of Storm and Adshel Live rolled-out to hundreds of premium city-centre sites right across the country. The portfolio will be underpinned by a purpose-built network and back-office system enabling seamless ad-serving across all sites. All Play London sites will be launched by late 2014.

“This is a significant investment, a significant commitment and a significant moment for UK digital out-of-home.” said Andrew Morley, CEO, Clear Channel UK. “Today’s announcement is about more than brilliant new screens. This is investment with purpose; it’s about the right sites that reach the right audience at the right time. The whole portfolio is supported by amazing back-end technology that will allow brands to effortlessly ad-serve content – adding an extra layer of context to pin-sharp creative.

“Clear Channel is already the UK’s number one in digital roadside and the launch of 50 new sites in London by the end of the year consolidates that position.”

“Play London is now positioned at the forefront of digital media with the installation of 40 expansive and engaging screens. With this purchase, Clear Channel will transform the outdoor billboard advertising landscape and light up London like never before, ” said William Hall, CEO and co-founder, Ultravision International.

In recent years, Clear Channel UK has consistently led the market with the deployment of new outdoor advertising technology. From 2013’s introduction of the Connect Mobile Platform – now available at over 25,000 sites, to last year’s launch of Storm and the Playground, its central London innovation showcase.

“London is the United Kingdom’s media hub, and now even more so with the installation of Ultravision International’s dynamic LED screens,” said Mark Chippendale, UK managing director, Active International. “Together with Clear Channel, we have truly transformed digital outdoor media and raised the bar for the advertising industry.”


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