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Clear Channel becomes one of the biggest programmatic media owners in Europe, delivering over 1 billion impressions monthly

13 Jul 2022 / News, Programmatic
By Clear Channel UK View Author on Twitter

Clear Channel Europe is proud to announce that it now has over 11,000 digital Out Of Home (DOOH) screens available across 9 markets on LaunchPAD, Clear Channel’s programmatic platform rolled out in 2021. This milestone achievement makes Clear Channel one of the leading programmatic media owners in Europe based on the number of screens available, with the ability to deliver over 1 billion impressions per month.

·       1253 new digital OOH screens in Sweden added to LaunchPAD which means Clear Channel now operate over 11,000 screens available to be bought programmatically across 9 European markets

·       LaunchPAD enables Clear Channel Europe to deliver over 1 billion monthly impressions for brands

·       This milestone achievement makes Clear Channel one of the biggest sources of programmatic OOH in Europe

The programmatic-enabled DOOH screens allow Clear Channel’s LaunchPAD advertising platform to support truly dynamic, data-driven advertising campaigns by offering new ways to plan, buy, activate and optimise advertising content. LaunchPAD’s connection to European inventory, planning and industry data to and from Clear Channel and their SSP partners enables brands to reach their target audiences, wherever they are, at a moment’s notice.

Clear Channel LaunchPAD offers RTB on Clear Channel’s prime DOOH estate, via private marketplace (PMP) deals, using data-fuelled by audience insights from Clear Channel RADAR®.

 “To have reached this milestone is emblematic of the hard work and dedication of our wonderful teams across Europe, of whom I’m incredibly proud. We’re excited to see how this scale of programmatic buying can help brands deliver contextually relevant messages at pace,” said Dominic Dunne, Programmatic Commercial Lead, Europe. “LaunchPAD allows us to combine the widespread presence and impact of Out of Home with the flexibility and creativity of digital media approaches, driving great results for advertisers and brands and new experiences for consumers.”

Akama Davies, Global Practice Lead, DOOH, GroupM said: “Increased scale of digital platforms and the ability to buy programmatically is crucial for the growth of the OOH-advertising channel. It allows us to connect the global brands we represent to audiences across Europe in increasingly meaningful ways, while being able to control campaigns with enhanced agility, flexibility, and creativity. The new programmatic screens will create ever more scalable opportunities for our clients, and we are excited to continue working with Clear Channel as they expand.”

 Clear Channel’s screens are available to book via LaunchPAD across the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Finland, with the most recent additions being France and Sweden. Clear Channel LaunchPAD is a pan-European advertising platform offering programmatic, automated, and direct buying channels, available through SSP partners Broadsign and/or Hivestack in those markets.