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Clear Channel Europe launches campaign planning mobile data platform, RADAR

10 Aug 2020 / News
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Clear Channel UK ad campaign on digital out of home, for BBC featuring The Young Offenders documentary, it also says older not wiser,

Clear Channel has announced the European launch of RADAR, their proprietary mobile-data platform that makes planning, measuring and optimising outdoor advertising campaigns more effective.

RADAR - the latest step in Clear Channel Europe’s investment in digital transformation - uses anonymous mobile data to identify the behaviours of audience groups passing by the company's bus shelters, billboards and street furniture, to enable brands to deliver the right message to the right audiences, at the right time and location. The data is anonymised and aggregated by a third party in each market.

The launch comes at a time when brands across the continent are returning to Out of Home to welcome audiences back to the streets. The technology will provide invaluable data to help brands understand how consumer behaviours have changed in the “new normal” and build more nuanced and effective outdoor campaigns, to secure consumer engagement and spending power.

RADAR is due to launch first in Spain and the UK in September, followed by Sweden later this year. The platform generates indexing scores for each advertising panel to show its effectiveness at reaching the chosen audiences in each Out of Home location. 

Advertisers will be able to virtually map their campaign plans on the RADAR client portal, which will use real-time GDPR compliant data to show the Clear Channel panels available to reach their chosen audiences. Audience groups could, for example, include 18-34-year olds who shop at high-street fashion brands, or parents who recently visited a supermarket.  

clear Channel and campaign on digital out of home, for American Express that says shops mall for restaurants you love

Commenting on the launch, Justin Cochrane, CEO of Clear Channel Europe said:

“We are excited to be launching RADAR in Europe following its success in the US. We believe such technologies will play an important role in our multi-market recovery following COVID-19, and we are proud that our continued investment in digital transformation, and the launch of new products at such an important, time will support Out of Home as it returns to business.

“The launch of RADAR in Europe was born out of Clear Channel’s vision of a future where Out of Home can deliver true flexibility for advertisers, rivalling that of other major media channels. As we roll out and evolve RADAR in Europe, this will give us, and our customers, increased insight around the behaviours of audiences across Out of Home environments, and how those behaviours change and evolve.”

The importance of understanding how audiences are behaving is an essential part of any media campaign. As we move into the “new normal,” RADAR is the perfect platform for brands navigating the evolving post-Covid-19 world through providing the information needed to better understand target audiences.

Clear Channel first launched RADAR in the US in 2016 and it has since helped hundreds of US customers across a range of categories, including automotive, FMCG, restaurants, retail, web services, app publishers and more, to roll out more targeted and effective campaigns.

RADAR launches in Spain and the UK in September, followed by Sweden later this year and a phased Europe-wide roll out over the next 24 months.

Find out more about RADAR here