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Clear Channel LaunchPAD boosts global digital Out of Home advertising with programmatic expansion

28 Jun 2023 / News, Programmatic
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Clear Channel is making significant strides with the expansion of LaunchPAD, through strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

The collaborations aim to broaden access to premium digital inventory and unlock new growth opportunities for advertisers worldwide. 

Earlier this month, Vistar Media, the global provider of programmatic software and digital signage solutions for OOH, announced the addition of Clear Channel to its robust network of digital Out of Home (DOOH) inventory. The partnership with the demand-side platform (DSP) enables media buyers to access Clear Channel's 4,000+ DOOH screens in the UK via Clear Channel LaunchPAD. Advertisers can leverage Vistar's suite of tools and connect inventory to omnichannel buying platforms for seamless programmatic transactions.  

Another major collaboration contributing to Clear Channel's programmatic growth is an AdTech integration between Flow City and Broadsign. Flow City, a DOOH-specialty DSP, integrated with Broadsign's supply-side platform (SSP) to offer premium global DOOH screens for programmatic buying. This partnership allows media buying agencies, small businesses, and startups to plan, purchase, and execute DOOH campaigns with optimal visibility and exposure across new inventory located in shopping centers, supermarkets, and other high-traffic areas in the UK, France, and the US. 

In the Netherlands, Clear Channel has partnered with Hivestack, a leading independent programmatic DOOH ad tech company. The collaboration enables Dutch and global advertisers to access Clear Channel's DOOH inventory in the Netherlands through Hivestack's SSP. Advertisers can leverage programmatic capabilities to plan, activate, and measure targeted campaigns on Clear Channel's premium digital inventory, consisting of more than 450 screens across 12 key cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. 

“These partnerships collectively give advertisers a wider range of programmatic purchasing options, including the ability to buy multi-market campaigns.” says Dom Dunne, Programmatic Commercial Lead at Clear Channel Europe. “With these advancements, we want to demonstrate our continued efforts to enhance the convenience, flexibility, and scale offered by LaunchPAD and drive the growth of the DOOH market, attracting fresh advertisers and meeting the evolving needs of customers.”

As one of the leading OOH media and infrastructure companies, Clear Channel's commitment to programmatic expansion is evident through its various global partnerships having successfully deployed programmatic DOOH solutions in multiple markets, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, and now the Netherlands. With nearly 13,000 DOOH screens across eight markets, Clear Channel's LaunchPAD platform has the capacity to deliver over 2 billion programmatic impressions per month.