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Don't get left on the shelf this golden quarter...

08 Sep 2023 / Insights
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Summer fades, and suddenly, pumpkins, end-of-season sales, and Santa Claus photoshoots fill local high streets and shopping centres. We may be expecting a winter chill, but far from hibernating, people plan to relish the festivities of these three big retail occasions in Q4, making the most of shopping, gatherings, and celebrations across the country.

There’s no winding down for brands and retailers this golden quarter, as the period generates more revenue than the first three quarters of the year combined. With consumers spending an estimated £22 billion from October through to December, brands need to go big and accelerate thier advertising efforts in order to really grab consumer attention.

Tap into our latest Q4 series of Retail Occasions, where we delve into Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas to understand what activities are planned, what’s on the wish list, and where to speak to consumers. With the unique power of location, Out of Home advertising can connect and deliver contextual messaging to your consumers; be it whilst out shopping, on a drive to visit family, or out on the town celebrating silly season with friends - it's all happening Out of Home.

Trick or treat yourself…  

Every year, Halloween continues its growth as a party not to be missed. The occasion reports a +6%pts increase in positive association with being ‘an important celebration for me’, with 45% stating they find it fun shopping for the occasion. More shoppers are purchasing for the event, with an +8%pt YoY increase in décor and costume purchases. To perfectly time brand messaging and help consumers plan their shop, brands can expect consumers to begin planning for Halloween décor four weeks prior to the event. Meanwhile, when it comes to their Halloween outfit, consumers are shopping for their costume the week of. For brands, it's the perfect opportunity to reach out and assist last minute shoppers on their purchase journey.  

Black Friday Deals: the bigger the better 

Consumers are expecting big Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year. It is the UK’s largest sales event, charging in front of Amazon Prime Day, Boxing Day and Summer sales. 84% of shoppers are expecting discounts, and are ready to purchase. With heavy participation and retailer competition, brands must get to grips with consumer considerations. Electronics, technology and clothing are the top items shoppers are wanting to tick off their list this year. And, what will entice them most? Shoppers say brands that communicate messages of ‘percentage % off’ on their deals will get them through their storefront. 

Largest holiday of the year! 

Everyone’s mood will shift as we head into December. Christmas is the holiday of all holidays, with the event making up 46% total share of retail occasions annually. Each year, the UK sees 85% of all Brits shopping for the holiday. Despite careful budgeting and concerns over cost-of-living expenses, a Christmas treat will always feel irresistable. This is the season to spread the love, and go above and beyond for family and friends. 55%* continue to spend more YoY on their nearest and dearest to treat friends, even during tough times. Spending intentions will not waiver, with 7 in 10 stating they are prioritising spend on gifting over food, clothes and décor.   

So as we say farewell to Summer, consumers will quickly begin planning for holiday gifts and their scariest Halloween costumes. This is the most crucial time to amp up your advertising efforts, as consumers will be spending most of their yearly budgets during this season, and looking for all the right reasons to purchase gifts, partywear and food. Consumers will be out in the real world, and in-store exploring the best deals, so time your brand messaging and deliver contextual content to help them on their purchase journey across high streets, malls and supermarkets. Out of Home’s informative, credible, and trusting influence makes it the perfect platform to engage with your audience across this golden quarter's key retail occasions.

 *16-34 year olds, Dec 2022 
Source: Global Data, Retail Occasions 2023