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Gifting unwrapped for Christmas

28 Nov 2022 / News, Insights
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Discover the art of gift-giving and the varying mindsets of five new Christmas gifting audience segments with Clear Channel’s latest research. As the festive season fast approaches and shoppers begin to plan and buy gifts, it's the perfect time to optimise advertising messages to meet specific shopper needs.

By Elizabeth Quach, Senior Research & Insight Manager 

The act of gifting is embedded as a foundation of society to nurture relationships. 7 in 10 are prioritising gifts this Christmas, it’s such a shared and familiar activity, but planning and behaviours completely vary depending on the situation, occasion and who they are purchasing for. 

Our new research identifies five main gifting profiles that shoppers fluctuate between based on their motivations for the occasion. As each segment has differing shopping journey durations, budgets and attitudes, each requires relevant and contextual messaging to meet their specific needs. 

See which profile you fit. Do you match one, two, if not all from time to time? 

Gifting categories with logos

Thoughtful Gifter:  
Thoughtful Gifters are the largest buying group. 66% of the population make up this segment. They are genuine and sentimental. They often plan early as possible to get it right, with 2 in 5 planning at least 2 months prior to the occasion. These gifters have a strong sense of what they want to achieve for the recipient, and try to make their purchases unique and a one off experience.  One would ever be so lucky to call these gifters their friend. 

Convenient Gifter:
  These shoppers are searching for the most efficient option, putting in minimal planning time. They are often a one-stop shopper, gathering their gifts in the one visit. Gift sets, bundles and packages are their best friend. It is essential to support these buyers with complete gift ideas, and simplify their experience much as possible. 

Grandstand Gifter:
  Gifts given from Grandstand Gifters will no doubt be costly. Often, the gift has nothing to do with the receiver, but a personification of the giver. The act of giving boosts a fulfilment of self-enhancement, and a little showcase of money, power or status. Image driven, and focused on their purchases being noted and remembered, they are the most likely gifting group to be influenced by social media. To be seen, shared and spoken about is their mission. 

Last Minute Gifter:
  These buyers are in demand of quick fixes and solutions for gift ideas. Limited on time, they are regularly overwhelmed by choice, and are conflicted by indecisiveness. As a result, they tend to be pushed to accidentally splurge out of their budget due to time restraints. Retailers have prime opportunity to nudge these shoppers in-store as they are in desperate need of inspiration. 

Reluctant Gifter:
  These gifters feel the lowest levels of joy when gifting, and 1 in 10 of the population make up this segment. They are not the Grinch of Christmas, but they are not the biggest of celebrators either. Calendar marked celebrations like Christmas have evolved over time, resulting in some shoppers feeling some disassociation to the commercialisation of the occasion. However, the duty of sharing is still important. They are likely to purchase what ever is available in the impulse of the moment to fulfil their obligation.   

Influence gifting spend where it counts

All these five audience segments have varying engagement levels, but they are all in need of inspiration, solutions and a nudge from retailers directly. Brands can influence these purchasing decisions whilst consumers are researching, browsing and purchasing online, but just as importantly, offline across high streets and shopping malls where 60% of all UK retail spend occurs. Now that you understand how these shopping profiles vary, explore our latest research Control the Controllable to find out how Out of Home retail formats can influence consumer spend by delivering real impact where it counts.