Case Study: Rochdale AFC | Clear Channel
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Rochdale AFC Case Study

Success Story

Rochdale AFC is a professional football club based in the town of Rochdale.

Client objectives

To promote their annual season ticket sales to residents within the local area.

The campaign

Like with other football clubs who have advertised with Clear Channel over the years, Rochdale AFC wants to use roadside screens to reach locals with their latest offer. In this case, they have chosen the new Billboard Live screens on key routes in and out of Manchester.

The results

“The new electronic screens are really eye catching and effective and it’s exciting to see our brand exposed on these high tech advertising channels. Paul Brown has been our relationship manager and has been fantastic in creating an affordable package to meet our business requirements. We are thrilled to be working with Clear Channel and can’t wait to run our advertising campaign.” 

Thanks again to the Frances Fielding, the Commercial Director at Rochdale AFC. You can follow them on Twitter @officiallydale or visit their website: