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Thorpe St. Andrew School Case Study

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Success Story

Thorpe St Andrew School is an Ofsted rated school and sixth form based in Norwich.  

Thorpe St Andrew School wanted to promote their Sixth Form Open Evening to both internal and external students and their parents.  

"The booking process was very easy, no issues throughout. Our account manager Lucy was amazing from the first minute! She gave us every support we could have asked for and advised us about the best possible places in order to achieve the target we set for the campaign."  

"The campaign had such a positive impact before, at, and after the Open Evening and we could not have asked for anything better. There were only 10 booklets left at the end of the evening; this has not happened before in the Sixth Form, not in the 8 years I have been here. 

We had the highest ever views per day on our Sixth Form web page which was an overall increase of 200%, an amazing result of the campaign!"  

01  Erika's Top Tip

"Digital media campaigns are important in today's advertising. Listen to Clear Channel's advice, never hesitate to contact them for support."

Thanks to Erika Langhoffne from Thorpe St Andrew School for this case study.