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West Northamptonshire Council

Success Story

West Northamptonshire Council provides services and information for residents and businesses across a large part of Northamptonshire, covering the local areas of Daventry, Northampton Borough and South Northamptonshire.

Client objectives

During the pandemic, West Northamptonshire Council turned to Out of Home to help communicate important Covid-19 messages to their local community, reminding people to maintain social distancing measures and encouraging locals to take extra precaution. 

The campaign

West Northamptonshire Council launched their Covid-19 campaign across our local Adshel Live network and fully utilised the creative flexibility of Digital Out of Home. From 'Keep your home Covid-19 Secure' to 'Keep your school run Covid-19 secure', West Northamptonshire Council's dynamic digital creatives engaged with as many local people as possible. 

“Using outdoor advertising for our COVID campaigns has enabled us to promote different messages simultaneously in different locations to large numbers of our target audiences." Claire Hughes, Head of Communications, West Northamptonshire Council. 

The results

West Northamptonshire Council's campaign effectively reached significant numbers of local people and helped keep Covid-19 safety measures front of mind. 

"Adapting the use of messaging to specific locations has helped make them stand out and be more relevant at that particular time and place. If you have a need to both target specific audiences and reach large numbers outdoor advertising can achieve both.” Claire Hughes, Head of Communications, West Northamptonshire Council.

Thanks again to Claire Hughes, Head of Communications, West Northamptonshire Council. You can follow them on Twitter @WestNorthants or visit their website: www.westnorthants.gov.uk