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CC Presents: Martin Firrell #PowerandGender

Martin Firrell is Clear Channel’s 2019 Artist in Residence. We partnered to display a series of public artworks exploring a range of taboo topics throughout the year. The first display centred around the relationship between power and gender.

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The project poses the question, ‘do women and men understand, hold and use power differently?’. It includes perspectives from women and men in positions of power in business, media, culture and politics.

‘Power and Gender’ appeared on Clear Channel’s network of digital screens across the UK. It demonstrated Out of Home’s ability to inspire response and encourage public discussion to promote positive social change.

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02  Podcast

Clear Channel Presents is a platform for exploring ideas and topics for discussion that interest people working in advertising and media, but aren't necessarily about Out of Home.

In this episode, we hear a discussion about power and gender between renowned public artist, Martin Firrell, and three of his #PowerandGender project contributors.