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Clear Channel and NHS launch a temperature-triggered digital advertising campaign in Leeds

21 Feb 2020 / News, Campaigns
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Clear Channel Adshel Live screen showing NHS temperature-triggered digital advertising campaign on a busy high street

Clear Channel has worked with NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group and production company Voodooh to develop a dynamic digital Out of Home campaign to remind the public of the health risks posed by lower temperatures.

The four-week campaign is running across Adshel Live screens around the city and\nuses weather data to update dynamic elements depending on temperature.

When the temperature is between 1c-8c, the\nadverts alert people with asthma that colder weather can affect their health.\nWhen temperatures fall below 1c, the message changes to inform people that ice\ncan form on pavements even if the temperature does not fall below 0c.

Throughout\nthe campaign there will also be a regular message displayed, asking people to\nbe aware of any weather warnings and to be mindful of any vulnerable neighbours\nthat might need a helping hand.

Leeds-based agency Umpf was behind the creative and animation.

Dr Sarah\nForbes, local GP and Associate Medical Director for NHS Leeds CCG, said “This\nunique campaign is the first time we’ve seen temperature-triggered digital Out\nof Home advertising used to deliver key health messages. Many people will\nassume that with no snow on the ground and very few frosty mornings that the\nweather’s not cold or wintry enough to have an impact on their health. Research\nshows that even when the temperature is a relatively moderate 4c-8c, there can\nbe considerable health impacts, especially for those with underlying health\nconditions; particularly those that affect their breathing (respiratory\nconditions).

“We all\nknow that the British weather is unpredictable and a weather warning is never\ntoo far away. It’s just as important that we think of others who may live\nnearby that struggle to get out and about, especially during periods of extreme\nweather. So our campaign will also remind people to look out for any vulnerable\nneighbours.”