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Clear Channel partners with Pocc to share the Stories That Made Britain Great

06 Nov 2020 / Campaigns, News
By Clear Channel UK View Author on Twitter
A billboard live panel advertising our campaign with Pocc.

Clear Channel has partnered with Pocc (People of Culture Collective), a creative network making cultural impact, to showcase their brand-new campaign across digital Out of Home sites nationwide.

The tagline “Making Britain Great Since...” emblazons Pocc’s newest campaign, created to counter the mainstream narrative of the immigrant story and put the many contributions that generations of ethnically diverse Britons have made centre-stage.

Ideated and created from within the Pocc community, the integrated campaign has been brought to life through the network and connections of the group’s own members. Whilst culture is shifting to recognise the importance of diverse people being able to tell own their own narratives, “Making Britain Great Since” moves further to allow them to celebrate the intergenerational impact of their stories with pride.

Featuring well-known names within the worlds of arts, culture, literature and business, as well as everyday Britons in their own fields, these high-impact family stories are being shared in their fullness.

A billboard live panel advertising our campaign with Pocc.

Nana Bempah, Pocc Co-Founder said: “It's important for people who look like us to be at the centre of conversations about us. Not too long ago in British history 'Black' was a catch-all term that anyone not-white was given. We have since moved on from this thinking that centres Whiteness. We now define our own separate ethnicities and are showing this with a campaign that tells the story of many immigrant populations and does so outside of Black History Month. Our cultures and ethnicities cannot be confined to just one narrative of 'immigrant' or just one month of the year.”

Lucy McKillop, Head of Brand Marketing at Clear Channel, said: “When Pocc approached us to work together back in 2019 we were blown away by the unabashed passion, honesty and focus that Pocc showed raising up the voices of the black and brown community working in the creative industries. We knew instantly we wanted to work with them and help bring their “Making Britain Great Since” to life. We are passionate about helping promote positive narratives around the black and brown lived experience and this campaign does just that. It’s a real honour to play even a small part in their journey, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.