Clear Channel’s Bee Bus Stops continue to generate a buzz

Clear Channel UK’s Bee Bus Stops continue to generate a buzz

26 Mar 2024 / News, Portfolio, Sustainability
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A double-decker bus drives past a Living Roof bus shelter during the day

Communities across the UK are welcoming new Living Roof bus shelters as the demand for our bee-friendly bus stops continues.  

The thoughtfully curated shelters, also fondly referred to as Bee Bus Stops, are designed with sustainability at their core featuring 100% recycled or upcycled materials. In addition to a mix of native wildflowers and sedum species to bolster the number of bees and other pollinators.

Living Roofs not only support native biodiversity by providing green havens for bees and other pollinators, but they also contribute to the government’s Environmental Improvement Plan by creating nature recovery networks nationwide.

This means these expertly designed green roofs leverage urban spaces by expanding nature's footprint within our towns and cities. They play a vital role in establishing a broader nature recovery network, encouraging reflection on the collective efforts needed to restore nature.

Take a look at the latest activity across the country.  

A Living Roof bus shelter in Derby


Derby City Council continues to welcome even more Living Roofs as four more shelters sprout up throughout the city, joining the 39 existing structures. Once the work is completed, Derby will be the home to the first full network of Living Roofs in the UK. 


Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council welcomed their first Living Roof in March on Quarry Hill Road, close to the town’s rail station and high street. This installation contributes to the council's ambitions to safeguard the environment and reduce carbon emissions in the area.

Clear Channel and Portsmouth representatives standing beside a Living Roof bus shelter on a busy street during the day


Two new shelters now sit on Spur Road in Portsmouth. These are the first of 15 bus shelters with Living Roofs to be installed across the city. 


As part of Chorley Council's five-year programme to replace 80 bus shelters across the borough, five Living Roofs will sit atop bus shelters in Chorley. Installation is set to complete by the end of summer 2024.

Clear Channel is already in charge of maintaining bus stops in all the areas mentioned above and will oversee cleaning and maintenance for the new Living Roofs, for the entirety of their life, at no cost to the council.