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Spring Out of Home for Easter

15 Mar 2023 / Insights
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Easter is once again on the horizon. It's time to take a well deserved break with friends and family and tap into our creative sides with some fun DIY projects. For brands, it's a cracking opportunity to inspire and re-energise consumers as they step out into spring.

By Elizabeth Quach, Senior Research & Insight Manager

Easter will be a weekend filled with chocolate and baked goods, spent with our families or friends, and if you're lucky, topped with a special visit from the Easter Bunny. Easter celebrations will be more family oriented than ever, with quality time being a top priority. This sentiment is +10%pts from pre-pandemic levels. This year, brands and retailers can expect consumers to purchase indulgent food & drink items and leisure activities to share with the family. That makes the lead up to Easter an important priming opportunity for brands to to communicate to their audiences in relevant moments and locations to influence decision making.

A basket full of eggs and hot cross buns

Despite ongoing concerns around of the cost of living, spending intentions and sentiment are positive and up, compared to last year. Supermarkets will be welcoming shoppers in their millions, ready to spend on the best treats for the occasion.

Findings from the GlobalData retail trends report reveal...

·        Quality (+5%pts YoY) as a factor for food & drink retailer selection.

·        Average spend on Easter confectionery +£11 YoY to £21.

·        3 in 10 intend to cook a special meal.

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A weekend spent out with the family

Easter leisure spend is +8%pts YoY. Brits are excited to enjoy the festivities outside. Gifting engagement is at its highest rate ever since the pandemic. Eager to gift their loved ones with unique experiences, consumers are looking for inspiration on events to attend, and activities to do. With dining out experiences up +5%pts to 30% participation rate, and 17% planning to go on a domestic holiday in April*, consumers are open to exploring experiences ranging from simple to extravagant - and it's all happening out of home.

Reinforce brand messaging, stimulate real-world action

Don't miss out on the £1.7bn in revenue generated by Easter, with 7 in 10 Brits planning to participate in the occasion. From food to gifts and experiences, consumers are ready to treat themselves. OOH is a prime way to connect with consumers in the real world, as they browse retail environments and step out for Easter. With OOH, brands can inspire and excite audiences in the lead-up to the weekend, and ensure they're part of the Easter celebration - hop to it!

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