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From flip flops to flip charts: Unboxing retail's hottest season!

13 Jun 2023 / Insights
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You know summer is in full swing when you’re thinking of long days, orange sunsets, park runs, and picnic snacks. Throughout the season, brands can engage in three exciting retail moments worth over £11bn: a period full of short and long breaks, Father’s Day celebrations, and the anticipation of Back-to-School planning.  

A day out with dad

L'oreal fathers day advert on a Malls Live poster in a shopping mall

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of summer, and this year it coincides with the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year, making it all the extra enjoyable. Brands can expect consumers to plan for leisure purchases and experiences to soak up all the extra sunshine. Particularly, leisure spend is reported to be up 7% YoY (to 20% on share vs retail). Top experience gifts include eating out, cinema and theatre tickets. 

Book that ticket away… 

Tui advert on a Ashel Live poster on a busy road

Whether it’s a drive, train or plane, travellers are more excited than ever to go on a trip this Summer. 63% of Brits are intending to on at least one trip. It’s the season to bring out a new wardrobe, fly to a new city, or spend more time at your favourite beach bar. Brands can speak to both organised planners and impulse travellers, half begin planning their travel as early as 2 months out. Meanwhile, 1 in 10 last-minute travellers only plan in-season. There’s plenty of opportunity to serve relevant messaging throughout the travelling period.  

Saved by the bell 

Next advert on a Malls Live poster in a shopping mall

Just as the holiday blues are about to kick in, parents can kick start planning the school year ahead for their children. Each year, the market grows in retail spend for this occasion, with an overall 5% growth in the last 5 years. Parents want to ensure their kids’ Back to School experiences are seamless, and all the necessities are ticked off. Uniform and sporting equipment make up nearly 70% of all schooling purchases, and parents are turning to in-store locations as their preference to fulfil these needs. 

Careful budgets… 

No doubt, with cost-of-living increases, consumers will be selective about their spending. It’s essential for brands to keep their marketing momentum going, and deliver offers that are both tempting, yet helpful and relevant. 

With the unique power of location, Out of Home advertising can connect and deliver contextual messaging to your consumers whilst out on a shop, on a family drive to the countryside, or whilst out having a pint this summer.