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Mother’s Day: Connect with wonderful women everywhere

31 Jan 2022 / Insights
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Mother’s Day isn’t just about mums. It’s about celebrating those wonderful women in our lives who have helped us or supported us in the way that mums would. This year’s celebrations will be sentimental for many, marking the first in two years in which there will be no social distancing or restrictions in place. More special than ever, it’s also a big and timely opportunity for brands to help people connect and celebrate with loved ones, in the real world.

By Elizabeth Quach, Senior Research & Insight Manager

Consumers, brands and retailers will be celebrating this year’s moment differently. Powered by the latest GlobalData insights, Clear Channel’s Retail Occasion release on Mother’s Day provides all the answers to all the important questions on consumer attitudes and shopping behaviour. We're also tracking how many buyers have already entered the Mother’s Day market and the remaining potential to tap into; so, you can make the most of Out of Home’s flexibility to perfectly time your Mother's Day message.

A celebration not to be missed

Mother’s Day is a staggering £1.6bn market and has seen a retail uplift of +8% pts in the last five years. Consumer sentiment is untethered when it comes to our mothers, 85% continue to agree it is an important celebration (+1.4%pts YoY). Last year, 4 out of the top 5 activities participated involved spending quality time with their mothers (e.g. phone call, socially distanced visit). And, with the ability to engage in experiences and social hang outs this year, a similar trend of bonding will be seen. As with all occasions, timing is of the essence. Our insights show that consumers typically ramp up their Mother’s Day gifting and food and drink related purchases two weeks prior to the occasion, so there’s plenty for brands to play for this year.

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“Mother-up” your Marketing

In understanding the products in consumer shopping bags, varying buyer demographics and recognising their omnichannel shopping experience, Out of Home offers the perfect opportunity to personally connect with shoppers at the right moment and in the right place. Brands can fully utilise the power of Out of Home to reach out to real-world audiences; building brand associations, reinforcing brand credentials when consumers are looking for inspiration, and influencing those gifting and food purchases at the point of sale.

Want to know more about Mother’s Day?

Visit our Retail Occasions hub for all the low-down, or get in touch with our team using the form below to find out how you can activate shoppers around Mother’s Day.

Following on across the calendar year, we’ll also be uncovering the latest insights for Easter, Father’s Day, Summer, Back to School, Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas. Visit the hub to access the latest data as it’s released and stay tuned for more updates from us soon!

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